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I'll have to... / You ought to...


A very common expression that is used to suggest what someone should or shouldn’t do, or have done. (Verbs ONLY.)

Detailed Explanation

  • Use when the speaker is making a promise to themselves
  • Or use when reprimanding someone else for not doing something they should have
  • Equivalent to "I'll have to..." OR "You ought to..."


  • ~아/어야지 = shortened form for speaking to oneself
  • ~아/어야죠 = another shortened form

Usage Rules

Sentence Examples

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    Present Tense— 피터잭선감독 - Director Peter Jackson

  1. 호빗3 영화에 빌보가 더 멋지게 되어야지요.

    In Hobbit 3, I'll have to make Bilbo cooler.

  2. 스마그의 싸움 장면을 엄청 길게 만들어야지요.

    I'll have to make Smaug's fight scene incredibly long.

  3. 크리스토퍼리의 사우라먼 캐릭터가 호빗3에 나오지 말아야지~

    I shouldn't make Christopher Lee's Sarumon character appear in Hobbit 3.

  4. 나는 겨속 운동하고 다이어트도 잘 지켜야지요.

    I'll have to continue exercising and be sure to stick to my diet.

  5. 나중에 새 공포 영화를 만들지 말아야죠~

    Later, I shouldn't make any more horror movies.

  6. 킹콩 영화가 이렇게 성공했기 때문에 킹콩2와 3도 만들어야지요.

    Since King Kong was so successful, I'll have to make King Kong 2 and 3 as well.

  7. 킹콩2와 3에 킹콩이 죽지 말아야죠~

    I shouldn't make King Kong die in King Kong 2 and 3.

  8. 너무 젊어서 은퇴하지 말아야지요.

    I shouldn't retire too young.

  9. 나중에 죽기 전에 자서전를 써야지요.

    Later, before I die, I'll have to write my autobiography.

  10. 호빗3의 종결을 너우 길게 하지 말아야죠~

    You shouldn't make the ending of Hobbit 3 too long.

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