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Do A so that you can do B


Give someone advice, i.e. “do A so you can do B” or “do A if you want B.” Or also, express the futility of some action, i.e. “no matter A, B won’t happen.”

Detailed Explanation

  • The first clause indicates necessary conditions to achieve the second clause
  • Equivalent to "do A so you can do B" or also "do A if you want B"
  • Also can express the futility of the 2nd clause regardless of the 1st action
  • i.e. "no matter A, B won't happen"


  • Conversational emphasis: ~아/어야지
  • Formal (reports) emphasis: ~아/어야만
  • NO: propositive nor imperative forms
  • NO: past tense
  • Noun form: 여/이어야 and 라/이라야 can be negative: 이/가 아니어야 and 이/가 아니라야

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

A Present ~아/어야
V Present ~아/어야
N Present 여/이어야

* Note: This grammar is used in the middle of a sentence, so the 2nd clause can express the Present or a Future situation.

Sentence Examples

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    Advice to #SadBatman Examples

  1. 고양이를 사야 슬프지 않을 것 같아요.

    Buy a cat so you won't be sad.

  2. 매일 아침에 운동해야 살 빠찔 것 같아요.

    Exercise every morning so you'll lose weight.

  3. 기차 터널에 가야 박쥐를 만날 수 있죠.

    Go to the train tunnel so you can meet bats.

  4. 저녁에 범인들을 그만 쫓아야 여자 친구를 만나고 먹여살릴 수 있어요.

    Stop chasing bad guys at night so you can make a girlfriend and keep her.

  5. 모건프리먼에게 연락해야 새로운 베트모빌을 새로 페인트 칠해요.

    Call Morgan Freeman so you can get a new paint job for your Batmobile.

  6. 맛 있는 음식과 시원한 맥주를 먹어야 스트레스가 풀릴 것 같아요.

    Eat delicious food and drink cold beer so you can release your stress.

  7. 영양에 대해 배워야 건강한 삶을 살 수 있어요.

    Study nutrition so you can live a healthy life.

  8. 좋은 습관을 만들어야 성공 한 삶을 살 수 있어요.

    Create good habits so you can live a successful life.

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