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~아/어 보이다

Looks like / seems like

Detailed Explanation

  • Conveys feelings based on some outward appearance
  • Equivalent to "looks like" or "seems like"


  • Used with ADJECTIVES only
  • ~게 보이다 is an acceptable alternative

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

A Past ~아/어 보였다
Present ~아/어 보이다
Future ~아/어 보일 것이다

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense

  1. A 어제 미나씨가 피곤 해 보였어요.

    Yesterday, Mina looked tired.

  2. A 탐 크루즈의 영화를 봤을 때 키가 커 보였잖아요.

    When I watched Tom Cruise's movie, he looked tall.

  3. A 그 웹회사를 임차했을 때 웹사이트가 멋있어 보였어요.

    When I was hired by that web company, their websites looked cool.

  4. A 그 점심 음식은 맛있게 보였잖아요.

    That lunch looked good.

  5. A 이 체육대회를 시작했을 때 그 분은 힘이 많아 보였어요.

    When the sports match started, that guy looked like he was strong.

  6. Present Tense

  7. A 지금 괜찮으세요? 슬퍼 보여요.

    Are you OK? You look sad.

  8. A 속도가 지금 빨라 보여요.

    The speed looks really fast now.

  9. A 물이 차가워 보이잖아요.

    The water looks cold.

  10. A 왜, 지금 화나 보입니까?

    Why do you look angry now?

  11. A 이삭이는 그렇게 하면 진짜 강아지 같아 보여요.

    When Isaac does that, he really looks like a puppy.

  12. Future Tense

  13. A 한국에 오랫동안 살았서 한국말 잘 해 보일 것이예요.

    Since you lived in Korea for a long time, it seems like you should speak Korean well.

  14. A 비싼차를 운전하니까 풍부해 보일 것이예요.

    Since he drives an expensive car, it seems like he's rich.

  15. A 어제 늦게 왔서 오늘도 늦어 보일 것잖아요.

    Since I was late yesterday, it looks like I'll be late again today.

  16. A 그 집가 넓어 보일 것입니다.

    That house looks like it would be wide.

  17. A 와! 이 영화가 진짜 재미있어 보일 것이다!

    Wow! This movie looks like it's going to be really interesting!

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