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~(으)ㄹ 만하다

Worth doing


Is something “worth doing” or worth trying, or worth talking about? Give recommendations to your friends with this grammar.

Detailed Explanation

  • Used to indicate something is "worth doing"
  • Also used when the speaker is not totally satisfied with something, but it's still worth doing or paying attention to


  • Give recommendations to others

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

V Past ~(으)ㄹ 만했다
Present ~(으)ㄹ 만하다
Future ~(으)ㄹ 만할 것이다

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense

  1. 레고무비가 진짜 재미있어서 아들이랑 같이 볼 만했어요.

    The Lego Movie looked really interesting so it was worth watching with my son.

  2. 나는 초등학생 이었을때 어느날 아팠었는데 학교에 안 갔고 집에서 첫 스타워즈 영화를 봤는데 정말 볼 만했어요.

    When I was an elementary school student, I was sick one day so I didn't go to school, but I stayed home and watched the first Star Wars movie, which was totally worth watching.

  3. 새로운 스타트렉 영화가 진짜 볼 만했어요.

    The new Star Trek movie was really worth watching.

  4. 디즈니의 애니매이션 영화는 보통 모두 볼 만했는데 라이브 액션 영화는 더 재미있게 볼 만했어요.

    While all animated Disney movies are usually well worth watching, their live action movies are more interesting and more worth watching.

  5. 옛날 영화의 원작이 봤으면 다시 만든 리메이크 영화도 볼 만했는데 똑같은 이야기의 다른 접근법을 볼 수 있기때문이에요.

    If you've seen the original versions of old movies, then it's well worth watching the remakes because the story is the same, but you can see it from a different perspective.

  6. 코미디 영화는 항상 볼 만했지만 저질 코미디는 너무 싫었어요.

    Although comedy movies are always worth watching, I really hate low quality comedy movies.

  7. Present Tense

  8. 전주에서 가장 유명하고 갈 만한 식당은 한옥마을의 베테랑 칼국수예요.

    In Jeonju, the most famous restaurant worth going to is Hanok Village's Veteran kalguksu.

  9. 전주비빔밥도 먹을 만하고 고산에 육회비빔밥도 먹을 만해요.

    Jeonju's bibimbap is worth eating, and Gosan's raw beef bibimbap is also worth eating.

  10. 등산 가면 적어도 한 번 김밥을 가지고 가서 소풍을 할 만해요.

    If you go hiking, it's worth taking kimbap along for a picnic at least once.

  11. Future Tense

  12. 가족하고 디즈니랜드를 갈 만할 것 같아서 이제 부터 돈도 모으고 계획도 잘 생각이에요.

    It seems worth it to take the family to Disneyland so from now on, let's save money and think of a good plan.

  13. 우리 아이들이 커서 득립하고 대학교에 다닐때 유럽을 여행할 만할 것 같아요.

    When our children grow up and become independent and are attending university, it would be worth it to take a trip to Europe.

  14. 은퇴후에 아시아 크루즈에 갈 만할 것이에요.

    After retiring, taking an Asian Cruise would be worth doing.

  15. 작은 아이가 있으니까 재미있는 한국 유원지에 갈 만할 것이지만 아마 딸이 더 자라면 더 재미있겠지요.

    Since we have a small child, it seems like it would be worth it to go to a Korean amusement park, but it might be more interesting if we waited until our daughter grew up a bit more.

  16. 내 장모님댁은 최근에 리모델링을 해서 한번 가볼만 할 거예요.

    My parents-in-law's house just got remodeled, so it's worth it to go check it out once.

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