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You ought to know...


Use this grammar when talking with friends to point out something the Listener should already be aware of. Equivalent to “you ought to know…”

Detailed Explanation

  • State a reason the listener should already know - or possibly forgot
  • Scold the listener for not heeding prior warnings if something bad happens
  • Equivalent to "You ought to know..."
  • Also "totally"


  • ONLY conversational, ONLY among friends
  • If scolding the listener about not heeding prior warnings, then a statement indicating WHAT that prior warning was is included

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

A Past ~았/었잖아요
Present ~잖아요
Future ~(으)ㄹ 거잖아요
V Past ~았/었잖아요
Present ~잖아요
Future ~(으)ㄹ 거잖아요
N Past 였/이었잖아요
Present (이)잖아요

* Note: Adjectives and Verbs use the same form.

Sentence Examples

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* Note: I decided to do something different with these example sentences from here on out. For more fun, I'll write as if I were a character from a famous movie. Today: Star Wars.

    Past Tense— 다스 베이더 - Darth Vader

  1. A 요다, 너도 한 때 젊었었잖아요.

    Yoda, remember you were also young once.

  2. V 김연아의 소치 동계 올림픽 공연을 봤어요? 잘 했잖아요.

    Did you see Kim Yuna's performance at the Sochi Winter Olympics? She was awesome!

  3. N 그거 오렌지라고 생각했어요? 아니야~ 귤이었잖아요.

    Did you think that was called an "orange"? Nope~ You should know it's a mandarin.

  4. A 황제 팔파틴의 발표가 항상 지루했잖아요.

    You know Emperor Palpatine's speeches are always soooo boring.

  5. V 장관 타킨을 찾을 수 없었어요? 그렇지, 나는 타킨을 포스 교살했잖아요.~

    You can't find General Tarkin? That's right. I totally Force-choked him.~

  6. N 달이라고 생각했어요? 달은 아니었잖아요. 데스스타이었잖아요!

    Do you think that's a moon? You outta know it's not a moon! It's a Death Star, duh!

  7. Present Tense— 룩 스카이워커 - Luke Skywalker

  8. A 타투인의 여름은 덥잖아요.

    You know Tatooine summers are always hot.

  9. V 난 요다한테서 포스훈련을 받잖아요.

    You outta know I was trained by Yoda!

  10. N 쓰레기통이야? 아니~ 그것은 내 엑스윙 전투기잖아요.

    Does that look like a trash can? No~ You outta know that's my X-wing fighter!

  11. A 내가 뭐라고 했어요? 쓰리피오는 자바와 친하다고잖아요.

    What did I just say? 3PO has to be nice to Jabba.

  12. V 내가 짱이다! 나 혼자 데스스타를 파괴하잖아요!

    I'm totally awesome! You know I blew up the Death Star all by myself!

  13. N 왜 이렇게 나빠요? 아빠! 난 아들이잖아요!~

    Why are you so mean? Daddy! I'm your son!~

  14. Future Tense— 레어 공주 - Princess Leia

  15. A 너 스톰트루퍼가 되고 싶어요? 너무 키가 작잖아요.

    You want to be a Stormtrooper? You outta know you're way too short.

  16. V 쉿! 비밀이야! 다스 베이더가 내 고향을 파괴할 거잖아요!

    Shhh! It's a secret! Darth Vader will totally blow up my hometown!

  17. A 룩하고 아빠가 조정하면 전쟁이 끝날 거잖아요.

    If Luke and Dad reconcile, then this war will totally be over.

  18. V 야호! 호스 행성에서 눈 사움할 거잖아요!

    Yahoo! You should know we can totally have snowball fights on the Planet Hoth!

  19. A 한! 그것은 바보같은 생각이잖아!

    Han! You outta know that's a completely idiotic idea!

  20. A 나와 한은 서로 사랑하니까 결혼하면 완전할 거잖아요.~~

    You know since Han and I love each other so much, if we get married it'll be totally perfect!~~

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