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~지 그래요?

Why don't you...?


Give someone else some advice for the future, or express regret over some past neglected advice or action with this grammar.

Detailed Explanation

  • Used to suggest someone do something
  • Equivalent to "Why don't you...?" or "Why not...?"


  • Weaker than ~도록 하다
  • NO: ~아/어서 for reasons, rather use ~(으)니까
  • Past tense (~지 그랬어요?) expresses disapproval, pity, or regret over some suggested action having not been taken

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

V Present ~지 그래요?

Sentence Examples

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    Present Tense

  1. 배가 고프면 빨리 밥 먹지 그래요?

    Why don't you hurry up and eat if you're hungry?

  2. 만약 여름 학기에 쉬고 싶으면 새로운 수업을 안 가르치지 그랬어요?

    If you want to rest during the summer semester, why didn't you say you wouldn't teach the new class?

  3. 테니스를 좋아하고 잘 치는것 같은데 학교 테니스 동아리에 가입하지 그래요?

    Since you like tennis and seem to play well, why don't you join a tennis club at school?

  4. 아내의 생인데 꽃을 사지 그랬어요?

    Since it's your wife's birthday, why don't you buy some flowers?

  5. 여름에 새로운 시간 관리 습관을 만들지 그래요?

    Why don't you make a new time management habit this summer?

  6. 너의 결혼기념이었는데 애를 봐주는 사람을 연락하지 그랬어요?

    Since it was your wedding anniversary, why didn't you contact a babysitter?

  7. 오늘 피곤하면 학생들이 조금 일찍 집으로 갈 수 있게 하지 그래요?

    If you're tired today, why don't you let the students go home a little early?

  8. 열정이 다 식었으면 상쾌한 여행을 가지 그랬어요?

    If you lost all your passion, why don't you take a refreshing trip?

  9. 제나가 요즘 입술을 핥는걸 보니까 다음 식사부터 이유식을 주지 그래요?

    Since you can see Jenna licking her lips, why don't you give her some baby food from the next meal?

  10. 아이페드를 하고싶었으면 니 방을 빨리 청소하지 그랬어요?

    If you wanted to play the iPad, why didn't you clean up your room quickly?

  11. 미국처럼 운전하고싶으면 새만금에서 운전하지 그래요?

    If you want to drive like in America, why don't you go drive on Saemangeum?

  12. 좋은 생활을 살고 싶으면 내 삶의 조언을 듣지 그랬어요?

    If you want to live a good life, why didn't you listen to my life advice?

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