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This page houses the best of the best of our Grammar Lessons and links out to the posts and pages we think you’ll find most useful.

Latest Beginner Lessons


Learn how to count things in Korean. Counting uses pure Korean numbers, not Sino-Korean (Hanja) based numbers.


Learn about the different types and uses of Korean numbers. In Korean, Sino-Korean (Chinese) numbers are used for most things requiring numbers, but pure Korean numbers are used for counting things.

동사와 형용사의 활용

Learn the basics of Korean Verb and Adjective conjugations including tenses, politeness level, usage, and types.

Latest Intermediate Lessons


Use this grammar to express your opinion or give advice to someone else. Used in the middle of the sentence (here) it expresses a Conditional statement “if A is true, then B will be true.”


Give someone advice, i.e. “do A so you can do B” or “do A if you want B.” Or also, express the futility of some action, i.e. “no matter A, B won’t happen.”

~게 하다

Use this grammar to when talking about someone telling someone else do something. Equivalent to “someone made/makes someone else do something.”

Latest Advanced Lessons

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