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30-Day Challenge: Day #15 – Proper spacing (띄어쓰기) in Korean can Save a person’s life!

← Day #14 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #16 → Inspiration I’m sure you’ve probably seen this image floating around the Internet before: In English, correct punctuation can save a person’s life. Well, this is very similar in Korean as

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Learn how to write TOPIK essays well using Wongoji writing guidelines

The following are Wongoji basic writing guidelines that I found in a Nonsul (essay) notebook by PAPIER co, LTD. I’ve translated them into English to help you better understand how to properly write essays using Wongoji papers (which is what

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Take a Look at Some Sample TOPIK Answer Papers (Blank) and download Wongoji essay papers

I recently stumbled upon some scans of sample TOPIK answer papers from the 27th TOPIK test. They were uploaded by Ekachai Boonsathienwong at Blogspot. Looks like he’s from Thailand and is/was an exchange student at Daejeon University. As a part of

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