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Take a Look at Some Sample TOPIK Answer Papers (Blank) and download Wongoji essay papers

I recently stumbled upon some scans of sample TOPIK answer papers from the 27th TOPIK test. They were uploaded by  at Blogspot. Looks like he’s from Thailand and is/was an exchange student at Daejeon University. As a part of his class, “Prof. Kim Yoon Hee who was the TOPIK exam’s question maker” gave them some hints and tips about preparing for the TOPIK.

Below is a copy of the (blank) sample answer paper he posted online:



This answer paper is only for the 1st part of the test that covers Vocabulary, Grammar, and Writing (1교시: 어휘, 문법, 쓰기). There were no scans for the 2nd part that goes over Listening and Reading (2교시: 듣기, 읽기), but that portion is pretty straight forward.

The interesting portion of this sample answer sheet scan is the essay writing portion on the back. Be mindful of the warning at the bottom of the page: “Please do not turn the page sideways. No point will be given.” i.e. You’ll get a big, fat “ZERO” if you don’t write in the proper direction.

What kind of paper is that?

This kind of essay paper is a special kind of “Squared Manuscript Paper” and is ideal for writing, grading, and learning how to write Korean properly. The boxes force you to keep your Hangul characters neat and evenly spaced. Additionally, this kind of paper is ideal for teaching you how to properly space vocabulary words and grammatical structures.

It is called Wongoji (원고지).

You can find these notebooks in NeoDada or other office supply stores. You can also find them online at places like G-Market, but sometimes you need to search for them as “논술노트” (Essay Notebooks).

Here’s a sample that I ordered from G-Market for about 1,000 won each (after figuring in shipping):

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 7.57.44 AM

FREE Practice Papers

OR, if you want, I’ve also created our own FREE 원고지 Practice Papers that you can use.

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 8.02.03 AM

Download Wongoji PDF

And here’s a Detailed Explanation of How to Use Wongoji Essay Papers.

Do you use Wongoji Papers or something similar to practice your writing?

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