120 TOPIK #20 – TOPIK Reading Strategies

Inspiration Since I posted last time about Extensive Reading using familiar texts, here’s some helpful advice I found recently about how to effectively read UNfamiliar texts, like on TOPIK. Reading passages. THREE stratgies: Read to find information (charts/graphs/images) Basic comprehension (gist/main idea) Reading to learn (details) Question types on TOPIK (in increasing difficulty): Read the […]

TOPIK Advanced Writing Topics & Tips (한국어능력시험 고급 쓰기)

The following is a list of actual previous essay writing questions from the Advanced (고급) TOPIK Test (including dates). For more practice and additional resources, be sure to check out all the previous copies of TOPIK tests on the official TOPIK website. (Find 기출문제 다운로드) Here are some essay writing tips: Every question is usually 2-3 questions. Answer each part. You need […]