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120 TOPIK #21 – A Breakdown of the TOPIK Structure


Actually, I like to know the odds. I find it helps me structure what to focus on primarily.


  • 300 TOTAL Points
    • 1교시: 100 Listening (50 questions in 60 min) + 100 Writing (4 questions in 50 min)
    • 2교시: 100 Reading (50 questions in 70 min)
  • Time: (60 + 50) + 70min = 3 hours
  • Questions: (50 + 4) + 50 = 104 questions
  • Points: (100 + 100) + 100 = 300 points

So it seems to me that WRITING is the area that is most likely to either make or break your TOPIK score. As there are only 4 questions, each question is worth more points and therefore, performing WELL on writing is likely to bring your overall score UP, whereas performing poorly on writing will drop you down (in previous years, some students have failed to pass based on their writing score alone).

And Writing tends NOT to be a strong point for most students.

Passing Points

  • 230 Points = Level 6
    • Estimate 77 points per section (or 85 for Listening/Reading + 60 for Writing)
  • 190 Points = Level 5
    • Estimate 64 points per section (or 70 for Listening/Reading + 50 for Writing)
  • 150 Points = Level 4
    • Estimate 50 points per section (or 55 for Listening/Reading + 40 for Writing)
  • 120 Points = Level 3
    • Estimate 40 points per section (or 45 for Listening/Reading + 30 for Writing)

Last time, I got 88 total (30 Listening; 22 Writing; 34 Reading)…

Therefore, in the next section on this blog, I will focus primarily on TOPIK Writing strategies. There are only about 14 weeks left to TOPIK at this point and Writing needs to be one of the things we start to focus on from this point on. No sense doing great in the other areas and letting this VERY IMPORTANT 4 QUESTION section be wasted. It’s time to start getting ready for a GREAT Writing score (comparatively)!


Figure out for yourself how many points you need to pick up in each section to meet your TOPIK goals. What does this mean you need to focus on most? Which area is your weakest? Can you improve it enough to make a difference? Which area is your strongest? Can you improve IT enough to make a difference? Let me know in the Comments below or on social media with #120TOPIK.

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