Low Intermediate Week 7 Review

Download this week’s Vocab/Grammar Review Sheet: Week 7 (Units 13-15) Most Important Things We Went Over This Week ~겠어요, ~(으)ㄹ게요, ~(으)ㄹ래요 = all first person, colloquial language ~을게요 = spoken directly to someone regarding future plans related to them; ~을 거예요 = general future plans A ~(으)ㄴ/는데 B = “since A, so then B” V […]

Learn Korean with Gangnam Style Part 2: Psy’s Gentleman

가사 (Lyrics) Ah~! 알랑가몰라 왜 화끈해야 하는건지 알랑가몰라 왜 말끔해야 하는건지 알랑가몰라 아리까리하면 까리해 알랑가몰라 We Like We We We Like Party 해 ~ Verse 1 (Part 1) The basic line: “알랑가몰라 왜 화끈해야 하는건지” 알랑가몰라 (dialect, maybe 전라도) = 알런지몰라 (proper form) = I dunno if you know 해야 하다 = must/have to (Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner, […]