30-Day Challenge: Day #18 – Learn new expressions and solidify your memory with Children’s Songs

← Day #17 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #19 → Inspiration Today’s inspiration comes from a guest post at the Everyday Language Learner blog by Susanna Zaraysky. Susanna is a polyglot who speaks 7 languages, has been to more than 50 countries, and has even written a book called Language is Music. Here’s a quote from the article: […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #15 – Proper spacing (띄어쓰기) in Korean can Save a person’s life!

← Day #14 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #16 → Inspiration I’m sure you’ve probably seen this image floating around the Internet before: In English, correct punctuation can save a person’s life. Well, this is very similar in Korean as well. Proper spacing (띄어쓰기) in Korean can also save a person’s life. Consider the following […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #14 – Use Dictation to improve not only your Listening, but also your Reading, Writing, AND Speaking

← Day #13 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #15 → Inspiration Listening should be an engaging, methodic, and sustained activity. Another good video today from Dr. Vakunta: the seven habits of Highly Effective Listeners: Combine active and passive listening Hybrid listening Paraphrase what you hear Skim listening Repetition cycle Shadowing Dictation Details about each strategy […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #11 – The importance of vocabulary acquisition cannot be overstated

← Day #10 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #12 → Inspiration Poor mastery of grammar would not break down communication, but scanty vocabulary would… One cannot overstate the importance of a rich word-bank in the language learning process. The following are the 7 strategies for mastering foreign vocabulary as presented by Dr. Vakunta in the video: […]