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30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge: Day #16 – Learn how to text message and KakaoTalk like a native Korean


Wow! I just found this really cool video online:

It shows how to text message and shorten words in Korean. Now you’ll not only be able to understand what someone else texts you in Korean or writes on Facebook, you’ll also be able to join in the conversation naturally for more great practice!

(So, yes, now we’re throwing everything you just worked on over the last few days out the window~ ㅋㅋ)

Below are notes from the video:

1. Shortening words that end in 음:

  1. 처음 = 첨 (first)
  2. 다음 = 담 (next)
  3. 마음 = 맘 (heart) – 맘 속에서…

2. Shortening words with ㄹ:

(Move the ㄹ to the previous syllable and throw away the ㄹ’s vowel.)

  1. 그리고 = 글고 (and)
  2. 그렇게 = 글케 (like that) – since ㅎ + ㄱ = ㅋ
  3. 금요일 = 금욜 (Friday)
  4. 그렇구나 = 글쿠나 (Ah, I see)
  5. 모르겠어 = 몰겠어 (I dunno)

3. Korean style acronyms:

  1. ㅇㅇ = 응 (yes, agree, understand)
  2. ㅇㅋ = 오키 (OK)
  3. ㅊㅋ = 추카 (축하 = 축하하다 = congratulations)
  4. ㄴㄴ = 노노 (No no – for misunderstandings)
  5. ㄷㄷ = 덜덜 (shivering action when 1) scared/shocked, or 2) amazed)

Examples of ㄷㄷ:

  1. 나 지금 너무 긴장돼 ㄷㄷ = (I’m so nervous right now ~ shivering)
  2. 그 영화 진짜 대박이야 ㄷㄷ = (That was is sooo awesome ~ shivering)

4. Shortened words:

(Many sound like very fast pronunciations of the original word.)

  1. 그냥 = 걍 (just because)
  2. 어떻게 = 어케 (how)
  3. 내일 = 낼 (tomorrow)
  4. 지금 = 짐 (today)
  5. 짜증나 = 짱나 (annoying)

5. A sample text message conversation:

Here is the script from their text messaging. See if you can figure it out. If not, turn on the captions on the video for help. (Note, proper word spacing is not employed here either.)

  • 가: 짐 쇼핑하고있지?
  • 나: ㅋㅋ어케알았어?ㄷㄷ 오빠귀신이야?
  • 가: ㅇㅇ ㅋㅋ. 낼 머해?
  • 나: 아침에 울 엄마랑 장보러 가야되ㅠ 글고 과제도 많고 짱나
  • 가: 글쿠나. 바쁘네
  • 나: ㅇㅇ 원래 일케 안바쁜데 요즘 일이많아서
  • 나: 오빠 담주 목욜에 머해? 친구들이랑 술 먹을거지?
  • 가: ㄴㄴ 걍 집에 있을 거 같은데. 왜?
  • 나: 뻥 치지마 오빠ㅋㅋ
  • 가: 맘대로 생각해 ㅋㅋ
  • 나: 안 바쁘면 목욜 저녁 때 볼까?
  • 가: ㅇㅋ

6. Even more tips

For even more tips on text messaging like a native, be sure to check out this very extensive list on the KoreanWiki page!

It includes:

  1. Laughing (like ㅋㅋ, ㅎㅎ, and more)
  2. Emoticons (like ^^ and OTL)
  3. Grammar style (like adding an ㅇ to sound cute = 재밌당~)
  4. Intentional misspelling (for the sake of laziness 조아 or cuteness 먹쟈)
  5. Shortened words (like those in the video today)


Today’s Challenge is all about text-messaging like a native. Use the references provided above (and below) for help.

#16: Start a text chat with a native friend using slang, shortened words, and emoticons. Have at least a 20 sentence conversation.

Have fun!~ Hashtags today are:

#k2k3016 #SMSfun


Once again, here are all the KoreanWiki resources provided above:

  1. Internet and Text Messaging page
  2. Laughing
  3. Emoticons
  4. Grammar style
  5. Intentional misspelling
  6. Shortened words
  7. Video tutorial

And here are some extra resources:

  1. Korean SMS slang and emoticons
  2. Some different expressions and SMS SFX

Have you ever tried texting in Korean? Have you ever tried understanding what someone else wrote?

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