30-Day Challenge: BONUS – What to prepare and expect on the TOPIK test date


Source: chaemii.blogspot.kr
Source: chaemii.blogspot.kr

This is what I want to receive. So, I’ve registered to take the 31st TOPIK test on July 21st, 2013 (that’s tomorrow).

Here’s what I (and you) need to know before going into the test. The PPT below shows:

  1. What to prepare
  2. How to print your test ticket
  3. How early to arrive
  4. What constitutes cheating
  5. And so on

Enjoy and good luck!~

Here’s the original PPT if you want to download it.


BONUS: Take (and pass) the TOPIK!~

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  1. Here is my previous PPT on how to register to take the TOPIK
  2. Here are all the TOPIK resources we currently have

Have you ever taken the TOPIK? What level did you get?