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KIIP (사회통합프로그램)


2015 Schedule

Looks like demand for the KIIP Program is high. There have been 2 new periods added to the 2015 schedule (up to 5 periods from 3 in 2014), and another PDF from the KIIP website announced that the number of program teachers is now 360 people.

Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5About
Application Period2015.01.02 ~ 01.092015.01.26 ~ 03.202015.04.06 ~ 05.012015.05.18 ~ 07.312015.08.17 ~
Level Test01.17 (토) 13:0003.28 (토) 13:0005.09 (토) 13:0008.08 (토) 13:0011.14 (토) 13:00Written test (50 Q)
Speaking (5 Q)
60 minutes
Midterm Test03.14 (토) 13:0005.30 (토) 13:0007.11 (토) 13:0008.29 (토) 13:0010.10 (토) 13:00

11.28 (토) 13:00
Written test (30 Q + Essay)
Speaking (5 Q)
55 minutes
Eligibility Test
04.18 (토) 13:0007.25 (토) 13:0010.31 (토) 13:00Written test (40 Q + Essay)
Speaking (5 Q)
70 minutes
RequirementPrinted registration receipt, ID card, Writing instruments

Download the Official KIIP Program informational PDF (in English) HERE

Steps-by-Step Process

  1. Register for KIIP Classes (PPT)
  2. What to Expect at the Level Test
  3. How to Apply for the Online Class after the Level Test (PPT)

What is KIIP?

KIIP: Korea Immigration and Integration Program (사회통합프로그램) aka. “Social Integration Program”

About the Program

  • Includes up to 415 hours of FREE Korean language training
  • Requires 50 hours of Understanding Korean Society training
Level 0Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
CourseKorean FoundationBeginner Korean 1Beginner Korean 2Intermediate Korean 1Intermediate Korean 2Understanding Korean society
Class time15 hours100 hours100 hours100 hours100 hours50 hours
Level Test resultOral score under 3
(regardless of paper test score)
3-20 points21-40 points41-60 points61-80 points81-100 points

Who is Eligible?

  1. Koreans from abroad
  2. Exchange students
  3. Foreign workers
  4. People married to Koreans
  5. Refugees
  6. Expert immigrants who live in Korea
  7. Anyone who got Korean citizenship and lived here for 3 years

Why do KIIP?

Benefits toward changing nationality, long-term resident, and permanent resident Visas include:

  1. Change of nationality test and/or interview – Exempt
  2. Get the maximum number of points in Korean language for your F-2-7 Visa
  3. Korean language test score for F-5 (Permanent Resident) Visa – Exempt
  4. Korean language test score for E-7 (Extra Activities) Visa – Exempt
  5. Korean language test score for F-2 (Long-term Residents/Professionals) Visa – Exempt
  6. Proof of Korean language proficiency for spouses of Koreans or children under 19 – Exempt
  7. Proof of Korean language proficiency for Koreans from abroad or persons changing nationality – Exempt
  8. After completing all the coursework including the KINAT (Eligibility for Naturalization) Test, a certificate will be issued

The Complete KIIP Process

Steps in the process

  1. Go to and register as a participant, then sign up for the Level test
  2. Go to your assigned (chosen) location and take the Level test
  3. The Immigration Office will assign you a Level
  4. Check your Level at “My Page” on the  KIIP website
  5. Apply for a class on the website
  6. Be assigned a class location
  7. Begin the class
  8. Participate in the program
  9. Apply for the Midterm test (KIIP-KLT) at “My Page” on the KIIP website and take the Midterm test
  10. Do the “Understanding Korean Society” course
  11. Participate in “Naturalization Counseling” at the Immigration Office
  12. Apply for the Naturalization test (KINAT) at “My Page” on the KIIP website and take the test
  13. Receive your certificate from the Immigration Office
  14. Complete the Naturalization Application at the Immigration Office

What is the KIIP-KLT?

KIIP-KLT: Korea Immigration and Integration Program – Korean Language Test

What is the KINAT?

KINAT: Korea Immigration and Naturalization Application Test

What is Naturalization?

Naturalization: The process of granting full citizenship


  1. How to Register for the KIIP Classes (PPT)
  2. What to Expect at the KIIP Level Test
  3. Program Overview (Korean PDF Download)
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