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FREE Vector Flat Numbers (Arabic, Korean, Chinese)

Here’s a quick and fun FREE resource for you:

Vector Flat Numbers.eps

**For those of you who aren’t familiar with vectors: They are graphic images that are resizeable to any size without losing quality (this is because the image data is stored as polygons built from mathematical expressions and NOT stored as pixels). For more info on vector graphics see Wikipedia.

These are vector objects created in Adobe Illustrator that I used to help make a New Year’s 2014 design and inspired our Happy New Year 2014! post illustration.


Feel free to take and use these vectors any way you see fit (and a link back to this page would be nice if you find them useful).

Look for more Design-related Korean posts in the future (Media Design is my major and my passion).


Got any good ideas for more Hangul designs? I’m always interested in creating something unique in Hangul!

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