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Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty

Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty – TOGETHER!

I’m doing a small research project on Gojoseon (고조선). I’m particularly interested in:

Symbols, patterns, art, designs, icons, iconic imagery from that period.

I already know about Dangun, the tiger + bear, 비파형동검, dolmen, and the Bronze Age.

I’m looking for links to the most famous or iconic imagery from that time, as well as keywords to describe it. i.e. Korean friends, if you could describe in ONE adjective (형용사) or phrase what you remember or think about when you think of 고조선, what would it be?

Example: I asked some students about the Three Kingdoms and got these adjectives:

  1. Silla (international)
  2. Baekje (art + culture)
  3. Goryeo (power)

Share your info here

As I gather information about Gojoseon, I’ll share the info I discover HERE and write at least one (or possibly a series) of blog posts about the topic. Consider this the FIRST in a lineup of “small research projects” going over all the dynasties of Korea.

Note: History is easy to READ. It’s much harder to VISUALIZE. That’s why I hope to FOCUS on the symbols, patterns, art, designs, icons, and iconic imagery of that period.

Please leave me a comment below with any and all information you think is relevant to the topic. Thanks a bunch!~

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