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How to Apply for KIIP Online Classes (After the Pre-Test)

Download the original PPT here

A few things to be aware of when registering for the Online KIIP classes:

  1. Classes are limited to only 9 students.
  2. These classes have a schedule – so you still have to show up on time like a real class.
  3. It seems that there are more students interested in the classes than classes available. Be sure to register ASAP after you see your level. The final class in my Level completely filled up 1 hour after I applied for it. I noticed my Level at 6am, registered at 1pm, and all classes were full by 2pm on the same day.

Things you’ll need to prepare for the class:

  1. An Internet-ready (probably Internet EXPLORER-ready) computer.
  2. A headset or mic (something you can speak into).
  3. A camera (to let your peers and teacher in the conference class see you).

This is not my first Online class – I did my entire Master’s Degree online from Full Sail University. We also had conference calls there as well, without video – but I think this will be a little different (after all, Korean is my Second Language).

No news yet on the book. Will update when I learn more.

Are you ready for Online KIIP Classes?

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  1. Thanks for the excellent articles on the KIIP tests. So, to be clear, I can do this instead of just studying on my own and going to TOPIK tests? I didn’t even know abt F-2 visas until this week, and I’ve been here 3 years!

    1. It looks like you CAN just do this class, but you have to remember a few points:

      1. You have to do the FULL class – clear through the 50-hour “Understanding Korean society” Level 5 class
      2. You will only get the maximum number of points toward your F-2-7 VISA – but it doesn’t guarantee that VISA. You’ll still have to qualify and apply by racking up enough other points.

      Please check out our post about KIIP information here, particularly the section about WHY DO KIIP? located about halfway down the page.

      You may also find this helpful: A downloadable PDF detailing the F-2-7 Point System from from (updated 04.17.2013).

      Good luck!~ I’m personally planning to join the class from this summer, and then I’ll further record my experiences on this blog as well.

      1. Hi Aaron,
        I went to do the level test last Sat. In all honesty, I suspected that I was getting ahead of myself and should just have registered for level 0, but as I have studied Korean a little – and watch a lot of Kdramas, as well as speaking to people in my village on a very rudimentary level – I was hoping to maybe get to level 1. Well, my speaking test was an absolute disaster and I got level 0 anyway. Now, however, there are no classes available to me. I called the number I was given on Sat for the Gumi uni classes, but when I called them they said there are not enough people at either level 0 or 1, so they are not doing classes now. Also, on the website there is no info at all on classes, so I can’t even join an online class there. Any suggestions?

        1. Loudine,

          I think for the Level 0 and 1 classes, there is not much actually offered online. Most of the people I know who are doing those are doing them for 6 hours a day on Saturdays or Sundays (as opposed to 2 hours per day for 5 days of the week).

          As far as the website goes, I know the Online classes became available Friday, but one that I’m eligible for won’t be open to application until May 30. And the last time I signed up, they called me within two days of my application to confirm it. Then, about a week after the Online classes went live, the website registered On-Site classes (that’s what most of my friends joined). So, you might wait a week or two and keep checking the site.

          Or, if you called the website and they said there are no classes offered at Gumi University right now, there might still be some in the immediate area. Didn’t you receive a paper with all the class locations in that province after your test? I received one that had all the class locations in Jeonbuk province after my level test (I’ll look around and see if I can find it). You might try to find that paper and call one of the other (nearby) locations to see if and when they are offering classes (let a Korean friend do it).

          Otherwise, if nothing is available RIGHT NOW, you can always wait for the 3rd period this year (starting around October I think). Your level test score is good for 1 year and your status will remain the same on their website until you complete one of the classes (or retake the test) to level up.

          If nothing is available RIGHT near you, I’d say it would probably be more trouble than it was worth to try to bus it to a weekly class somewhere else. Better to just wait for a better opportunity or try to find some online or in person tutoring.

  2. could you explain more details about how do they conduct the online class?
    I registered the class but dont know what next to take the course.


        1. I believe KIIP classes are handled by the local Immigration Office, so you should contact them directly. Otherwise, you can try the Immigration Help Hotline in Seoul and they can probably help you: 1345

  3. Is this KIIP internet class? If not, could you please give me more details about the schedule,place,time,etc? Thanks.

    1. This is NOT the KIIP class site, just a site that seeks to provide information about registering and applying for the class. You need to go to to register a user account and then go to the 마이페이지 (“My Page”) link in the top menu bar to register for the level test or class.

      More details about registering at the site and for the level test can be found at this blog post: Register for KIIP classes.

      1. Dear Mr. Aaron!
        I hope you will be at good health and spirit1
        this is me Dr Asif from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
        I have D-10 Visa, I wish to learn Korean Language online through KIIP.
        Please would you like to inform me either it is possible to get online classes of KIIP while I am in Saudi Arabia?

        Please contact me on (, or (

        Looking forward to your kind reply
        Best regards
        Dr. Asif

        1. From what I know, I believe KIIP is a domestic program only and limited to people currently living in Korea. I’ll try to find the page that makes note of this.

  4. This blog really helped me regarding online registration.

    I also got level 4! yay! but sadly I was 1 point short for Level 5 ㅠㅠ

    Anyway, thanks for your helpful blogs!!! yay!

    1. Well great! Glad you *almost* got Level 5 – it means the class should be a breeze for you (I was on the low end of the testing scale, but still ended up being one of the top students in the class). It’s a fun class!~ Hope you enjoy it!~

  5. Are the class times limited to 16 – 18 and 10-13? I can’t do those times at all? Am I just out of luck with the Kiip program? thanks.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, the KIIP times are limited and the class sizes are also limited. Actually, in my 2 years in the “system” I’ve only been able to do ONE class so far because that’s all that has fit my schedule. I’m hoping to stay on top of things more in the future though as they seem to be opening and offering more classes these days.

  6. Hey Aaron! Your blog is really helpful. Thanks for posting all this stuff. I have a question regarding international access of online classes. I am a registered foreigner in Korea (with ARC). I have already registered for online classes. During my online KIIP classes, I am leaving korea for a few weeks. Is it possible/allowed to access online classes from outside of korea during that period? Or is there any IP restriction? Thank you

    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting question that I don’t have a direct answer to. Definitely you can’t miss more than 20% of the classes (you must attend 80% to pass). I would assume that you could probably do the class from anywhere that has that program and a sturdy (fast) Internet connection. But, I’d ask your teacher or the Immigration officer who will likely call you to discuss the class anyway. In fact, they might not know either (probably not tech experts).

      Maybe you could just try it and then let us know on the blog here what happens. If nothing else, you could always try to go through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service like HotSpot Shield to try to mask or change your IP address. I haven’t done it trying to come IN to a Korean site from out of Korea, but it could work. Why don’t you just give it a shot?

  7. Big thanks for your KIIP series posts. This is where I got most of the info to get started with the offline classes. I’m now waiting for the level 4 test result, (no idea how long is the waiting time and I’m pretty confident that I flunked it) 😀 I’m not that keen in going to my previous center for a number of reasons. Because of that, I am scouting out to try online classes for my possible repeat. Someone mentioned to me that you’ll need to prove that you cannot do on-site classes as a requirement. Has anybody experienced this?

    1. Yes. After I registered for the online class, a lady from the program called me on the phone and asked me if it was possible to switch to an offline class. I told her I work at a school during the day – so she suggested Saturdays. She was about ready to move me over to an offline class, but I told her it would be impossible for me to do that as I also have kids and occasionally work on Saturdays. In the end, she bumped me to a later time slot (4-6pm) that suited me better than the slot I’d originally signed up for (2-4pm).

      1. Looks like I’d have to reconsider other options if ever. Or better yet, hope for a miracle that I made it with the test. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the speedy reply.

        1. Well, or just say something like, “My job situation has changed. I can no longer make it to the center during the class times.” Good luck~

    1. KIIP is only for Korean residents at this time. The government’s allotted resources to handle this class are already stretched pretty thin. Sorry, buy there are plenty of other great online classes and resources if you Google search them.

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