How to Apply for KIIP Online Classes (After the Pre-Test)

Download the original PPT here

A few things to be aware of when registering for the Online KIIP classes:

  1. Classes are limited to only 9 students.
  2. These classes have a schedule – so you still have to show up on time like a real class.
  3. It seems that there are more students interested in the classes than classes available. Be sure to register ASAP after you see your level. The final class in my Level completely filled up 1 hour after I applied for it. I noticed my Level at 6am, registered at 1pm, and all classes were full by 2pm on the same day.

Things you’ll need to prepare for the class:

  1. An Internet-ready (probably Internet EXPLORER-ready) computer.
  2. A headset or mic (something you can speak into).
  3. A camera (to let your peers and teacher in the conference class see you).

This is not my first Online class – I did my entire Master’s Degree online from Full Sail University. We also had conference calls there as well, without video – but I think this will be a little different (after all, Korean is my Second Language).

No news yet on the book. Will update when I learn more.

Are you ready for Online KIIP Classes?