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How to Register for the FREE KIIP Korean Class

Download the ORIGINAL PPTX here

KIIP is the Korea Immigration and Integration Program. The website is located at They offer a FREE Korean course for foreigners up to TOPIK Level 4 that can also help get you points toward an F-2 VISA or other VISAs later on.

The slideshow above shows how to register for the Pre-Test (so that you can get in a class).

If you have any questions or comments about the classes or registering for the Pre-Test, feel free to Contact Us or leave a Comment below.

I’ll personally be joining the Pre-Test on Jan 25, 2014, and will be joining the class thereafter (likely the online course). So I’ll post details and a review afterward.

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    1. When will be level 2 classes offered in Gumi or adjoining area? I took the pretest on 15 Nov., 2015 but still no information about the classes.


      1. Not sure specifically about Gumi. I’ll try to get a new page on the site a bit later that details the locations in more detail (in English).

    1. Yes, there are only certain times that the registration, pre-tests, and online classes are open. I believe the 2014 schedule is pretty much all completed at this point. But, within a few more weeks I’ll try to put out a copy of the KIIP 2015 Schedule, so stay tuned for that. (I’m also looking into redesigning the homepage to include schedules for the KIIP classes and TOPIK test as a primary feature since those get a lot of the traffic on this site.)

      1. Thank you so much for the information! Do you know if there will be a registration period for the spring semester in the next few weeks? Your site has been a great reference point for me, so keep up the great work!

        1. You can apply now, I just did 🙂 Thanks for the help, Aaron! I’ll be taking the pre-test on Saturday, Jan 17. 2015 at 1PM (must arrive no later than 12:30) at Seoul National University of Education (교대). However, my exam ticket says “undecided (미정)” for the test location. Does that mean that 교대 hasn’t decided yet or did I do something wrong? I followed your steps precisely!

          1. It may mean that the exact building and room locations haven’t yet been assigned. I’d continue checking back with the website to see if the location updates before the test date. You might also call the Immigration Office (who are in charge of the tests, classes, and program) with a Korean person’s help and see about it as the test date approaches. Or you could also call the school since they should also be aware of the (potentially hundreds) of students who will be taking a test in their halls at that time.

        2. The site is open for registration now for 2015 (at least for the level test). I believe that today is the first day that registration is opened.

          1. Thanks for the info! I’ll be checking it out myself today as well – maybe updating the main page with 2015 info as well.

      2. Hi Aaron,

        Thanks to your blog I found the Korean Intergration Service. I’ve just registered on the site but it seems there are not any classes/tests available at the moment. Will you be posting when they announce or alternatively where should I look for announcements.

        Thanks for a great blog!


        1. I will post when they will be announced but it might not be soon. I’m quite busy with English and Computer classes at the moment, but after the final test period, I’ll start to become more active on this site again.

  1. Big thanks for your post. It’s been a great help for me to find info on KIIP language class schedule and all. I’ve just finished the 2nd Level now and looking for the next one. I’m thinking of doing the online this coming winter break but I just found out that registration period is already over. Plus, it is totally an everyday thing until the end of January. I hope they open other online classes coz the offline classes, I think, will not start until first quarter of next year.

    May I ask how’s the online classes usually are? My offline class can be a bit lousy coz there are too many students in the class. I had a couple of rant post blog about it. hahaha..

    Thank you Aaron for sharing. Will wait for the 2015 sched post. 😀

    @ Nina: I’ve called my local center round here as to the 2015 schedule but they have none yet. I also wonder about what dates they would usually release the 2015 schedule since classes can fill up fast in my side of town.

    I was able to enrol through the help of the local multicultural center. I tried registering on my own before that but it didn’t work out. Maybe you can ask the foreigner’s hotline to walk you through it?

  2. And 2ndly
    When will start the nearst programe because I want to join n improve my korean langiage skills.

  3. Hello! I completed the Level 4 class last semester, and I’ll be taking the Level 5 class next. Do you have any idea where I can find the information about when the classes will show up for the next semester? Last time I took the test, they classes showed up immediately after the results, but this time it’s been months and I haven’t seen or heard any news about the next round of sign-ups. Do you think they’ll be available when these next entrance exams are finished? Thanks so much for your time!

      1. Hi Aaron, Thank you for this extremely helpful information! Thanks to your instructions, I was able to register for the KIIP website and pre-test. However, I was automatically given a pre-test date of August 8, and I’m not returning to Seoul until August 13. I don’t see anywhere on the socinet website to change my registration for the pre-test to a different day, or to cancel it if August 8 is the only option. I couldn’t find information about the schedule either, but my Korean isn’t very good and google translate wasn’t helping much. If you could advise on any of these issues, I’d be very grateful!

        1. As these classes go in sessions, the August 8 pre-test date is pretty firmly set. You either have to take the test that day or wait until the following session starts (probably a few months later) to take the pre-test for the following session.

          Actually, once you take the pre-test and know your Level, you don’t have to immediately go into the class as the website will store your Level until you find a class you can take (even if it’s the next session). But it’s doing the pre-test that matters in order to place you into the correct class.

          However, if you are a TRUE Beginner (i.e. you probably wouldn’t get placed in any Level except the first), there is an option to bypass the test altogether and just start at the first Level. I think this option might be a checkbox you can select when registering for the pre-test. You might ask a Korean co-worker to help you navigate the site to see what your options are.

  4. Hello, I was finally able to register for the KIIP website, however when I wanted apply for the program the “Social Intergration Program was unavailable. I kept getting the same error message and there wasn’t an option to “agree” to the just had an apply option at the bottom of the screen. I tried using both Internet and Google Chrome browsers but no luck. Any suggestions?

  5. Hello. I’m having trouble applying for the level test. I’ve been following your step-by-step directions posted above, but when I get to part where I need to click apply I get an error message saying “Social Integration Program Unavailable.” Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. For those of you getting the error “Social Integration Program was unavailable”, where are you located? It could be that there might be no program offered in your location or that the dates are currently unavailable. Where are you located?

  6. Hi, My name is SIHOTANG. I am indonesian and now working in Yangsan. I ve been 3 years in Korea, but my Korean only for survival.
    I think this program is pretty good to improve my korean.
    How can register and do pre-test for this program?
    thank you

  7. Hello Aaron! Thanks again for putting together this awesome resource. I must have visited your site twenty times by now. Anyway, I have taken the level test and placed in level 3. I didn’t register in time today for an online class, so I found a physical class that’s good with my schedule. However, it show 2 out of 20 slots being filled (at 숙명여자대학교). I know I shouldn’t jump to any conclusions, but is there a certain threshold of number of students to hold a class? I’m worried that they could cancel and leave me with no other option for a class. Thank you in advance!

    1. I’m not really sure what the threshold might be, but I’m sure that they’ll try to find you a place anyway. Usually the class is incredibly popular and in high demand (they nearly doubled the number of class sessions from last year), so you should be able to do it. Expect a phone call from the Immigration Office or the program in a few days just in case.

  8. Hi Aaron! Thank you very much for your contribution. I registered the KIIP site and level test on last year, May (2014). But unfortunately I could not took the level test on that day. Do you know how to register the level test again? I tried so many time on the site but I could not find any information about that. Thank you in advance.

    1. I’m sure you must be able to re-register for the Level Test from the same “마이페이지” location that you registered from in the first place. I’d just go back to and try again.

      1. Hi Aaron, I have the same problem. I enter the my page and can’t find any re-registration option at all..

        1. Hmm, I haven’t been on the site in a while, but I just checked now. If you are “registered” already but missed the test, can you “cancel” your previous registrations? I just did the “vicarious class application” and “deputizing class application” (I think the English translations stink) and was able to cancel those again.

          It’s been a while for me, but I’m hoping to apply to the class again next year. I’ll do a complete re-organization of this section at that time and probably open a forum specifically dealing with the KIIP program. Please let us all know (again in these Comments) if you figure out what to do in the meantime.

          1. Is it possible to re-take the level test? I tried messing around with the “vicarious/deputizing” options but my previous pre-test results are still present and there is no indication of it allowing me to re-register for another pre-test. When I click on 사회통합프로그램 신청 it just says the program is unavailable.

            I’m trying to get in for the November 13, 2015 pre-test and get into a level 4 class (I was a few points short in August)

            If you are able to provide some guidance, that would be most helpful.

          2. Any questions regarding the KIIP program can be asked to your local Immigration Office as they are the ones who handle this program. I don’t know specifics, but they will. Ask a Korean to help you out.

  9. Unfortunately I didn’t know to select a preferred location, do you know if it’s possible to go back in and edit my preference?
    Can I check the class schedules and locations? I work 11:30am-8:30pm most days & 9:35-12:35 2nd & 4th Sats.

    1. For the class itself, you’ll have to check back for when the class is offered (only certain time periods) and then sign up for a class through the “My Page” section.

      There are two “groups” of classes offered, and I can’t remember which is first: (1) offline/in-person classes (typically all day Saturday or all day Sunday, or some combination of days throughout the week); (2) online classes (typically M~F 10-12pm / 2-4pm / 4-6pm / 6-8pm / 8-10pm)

      I personally went for the online class and was only able to get in ONCE because of my schedule and the fact that those online courses fill up FAST. i.e. I checked one Sunday night at 10pm before bed and the classes weren’t open – but I assume they opened at midnight because when I logged back in at 5am, MOST of them were already filled to capacity – so I barely got one of the last spots in a non-ideal but workable time. Later, the course organizer called me and moved me into a better class time.

      However, be aware of class capacity: (1) offline classes may be up to 20? I think; (2) online = only 9.

      Best advice: check “My Page” daily.

  10. I have problems with the passwords, im writting number and letters more that 9 and less than 20

    1. Having problems wih the registration, would they still have places or is already late to get one?

      1. Should be no limit on registration places – it is a website after all and those aren’t usually limited by numbers. The limited numbers would be in the classes after you actually join and take the level test.

    2. I think you might also need to use a symbol of some kind like !@#$%^&*()-_+=`~ too. Might try that. Or if it still doesn’t work, try Internet Explorer…

  11. Hello Aaron,
    Thank you for the good work you are doing.
    I have a question concerning the level test examination center.
    I am quite confuse because during registration, I set sookmyung women’s university as my preferred examination center for level test, but strangely I got a message today specifying the day and time of the examination which is on Aug 8, but the examination center is mention as soongsil university which is not the one I choose.
    So, I am wandering why this happen? And does this mean even the classes after the level test would be taken at soongsil university ?

    Thank you.


    1. Not really sure why that would happen unless the Sookmyung site didn’t have enough registrants to justify holding a test there. You know, if Sookmyung had only 10 registered, but Soongsil had 120 registered, it would be beneficial to the officials conducting the test to just combine the two into the one with more registrants.

      As for the classes that happen afterward, from my experience, the Immigration Office is pretty good about trying to set you up with the most convenient location for you. They called me personally before the class began to be sure that “online” was where I belonged (as I couldn’t match the offline class times). But before confirming my “online” registration, the lady on the phone tried to convince me to take the class all day on Saturdays at Woosuk Uni (which is just 10 min drive from my home). They should hopefully do something similar for you.

      Even if you register for a class, they will probably call or contact you in some other way to be SURE you will attend that class at that time. There are times when certain people just “sign up” for spots to be sure they don’t miss an opportunity, but then they never show up. It’s better to give those spots to someone who WILL show up (that’s how I got into the online class I wanted, actually – someone HAD registered, but then dropped out and I got their spot – over the phone with the rep when she called).

    1. Then please follow the instructions in the PPT on this post. I’m sorry that it isn’t embedding properly anymore from Slideshare. I’ll try to look into it at some point.

  12. I am a foreign student (D-2 visa) doing Ph.D in Korea. My wife also living with me by F-3 visa. Is she eligible for this program???

    1. I believe all F Visas (as well as D Visas) are eligible for this program. I guess the best way to find out is to try to register at the website.

    2. I was able to register for the test last year when I had an F-3 visa. I ended up being out of the country when the test was offered, so I cancelled my registration. But I am almost positive that F-3 visa holders are eligible for the KIIP classes.

  13. Hello, I need to apply to get an F2 visa (I am missing ONE POINT). However, no matter where I access the socionet kr from, the website show a wrong protocol. I tried from all the browsers, from my korean friend´s computers, but..:/

    1. Yes, I’ve also been having that problem lately. Keep in mind that the site is OLD and desperately needs updating.
      What I’ve found that works is:
      1. Be sure to type the “WWW” before the URL – the site always throws a wrong protocol error if you use: “” but it will work as “
      2. Open the site in Internet Explorer (even Windows 10 is OK).
      3. If you see a Warning or Error message alerting you that the site is insecure, click the “Advanced” options link on the Warning page, then “Proceed to insecure site” or something similar. Then, you should be able to access it.

    1. Please contact your local Immigration Center – or the Seoul Immigration Hotline (1345) to get assistance for joining the KIIP class.

  14. Hi! I want to register kiip online class, but how? is there qualification needed?

    1. Yes, one of the qualifications is that you’re a foreigner living in Korea on a correct Visa (illegal immigrants, or people who overstay their Visas, or are on tourist Visas, or are living outside of Korea won’t be able to register). This program is run by/through the Immigration Office, so they will have very accurate records on your Visa type.

  15. Thank you for this resource! Has anyone been able to register on a Mac? On the browsers I’ve tried when I click “join” after filling in my info nothing happens…

    1. Anything in Korea on a Mac is tough. I’d recommend trying it from your work computer if it runs Windows. Recently, I’ve noticed in Chrome and Safari that the page is sometimes blocked for having the wrong security certificate. Everything (in Korea) works better on Internet Explorer, unfortunately.

      But, if I do use Safari, I’m able to access my account by basically logging in twice. The first time, it takes me to an “Insecure / Blocked” warning. I click the Back button and login again. But that’s after you’ve already joined.

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