Apologies for our Contact Form ERROR

Admin note:

Wow guys! I thought we weren’t very popular because I haven’t been getting ANY mail in my inbox from this site for 3-4 months now! Turns out there’s just something wrong with this Contact form! ㅠㅠ  So sorry about that.

But I was smart enough to install a plugin catches all your messages and stores them in a database for me. So I have just FOUND all your messages.

If you’ve contacted us within recent months, please be assured that I will reply to you personally (with my apologies). But for now, if you have any more comments or questions, please direct them to:

admin (at) keytokorean (dot) com

Again, apologies for the error. I’ll get this fixed as soon as possible.

Sewol Tragedy: Translated “Word of Apology” from the Operating Company + Investigations

The above image and message were posted on the homepage of the Sewol operating company ChongHaeJin Shipping. The entire website is “dead” (no links) except for this message. 사죄의 말씀 (Word of Apology) 이번 세월호 좌초 사고로 고귀한 생명을 잃은 고인의 명복을 빌며 유가족 분들에게 엎드려 사죄드깁니다. We send our deepest apologies and condolences to […]