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Avengers 2 Filming in Seoul! Director Whedon Apologizes + Photoshop Silliness

This is a brief apology from Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon for the people of the city of Seoul. Beginning today, March 30, 2014, parts of the city will be closed off to traffic for days.

This is sure to inconvenience and upset numerous people (Seoul city is one of the most populous cities on the planet – #12 according to Wikipedia), so this video is a nice gesture to let people know he understands and empathizes with the inconvenience.

For more information about the road closures (and Street View Maps of the areas) be sure to check out our first post on the subject:

Explore Avengers 2 Filming Locations in Seoul with Naver Street & Sky View Maps

Photoshop Silliness

This post at Seoul Eats collects some recently Photoshopped Avengers images showing the characters in interesting and silly situations in Korea. This, and knowing some of the locations for Avengers filming inspired me to create some of my own “Avengers in Korea” images in Photoshop.

I will continue to collect them all here as I update them. Expect at least ONE image per filming location!

March 30, Mapo Bridge (마포대교)

Closed: 6:00am – 5:30pm



April 2-4, Digital Media City (디지털미디어시티)


<Coming Soon>

April 5, Cheongdam Bridge (청담대교)


<Coming Soon>

April 6, Gangnam Boulevard (강남대로)



Mullaedong Steel Streets (문래동 철강)

<Coming Soon>

Seoul Floating Islands (세빛둥둥섬)

<Comingn Soon>

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