Beginner Vocabulary Day 57

Vocabulary List 12.2

  1. 시험이 있어서 = Because I have an exam
    시험이 있어서 열심히 공부해야 해요.
    I need to study hard because I have a test.
  2. 일이 생겨서 = Because I have something to do
    일이 생겨서 집에 가 봐야 해요.
    I need to go home because I have something to do.
  3. 쉬다 = Rest
    저는 집에서 쉬어요.
    I rest at home.
  4. 길 = Road, street
    길에 동전이 떨어져 있어요.
    The coins fell in the street.
  5. 동전 = Coin
    동전 좀 빌려주세요.
    Please lend me some coins.
  1. 늦다 = Late
    늦어서 미안해요.
    Sorry I’m late.
  2. 길이 막히다 = Traffic jam
    길이 막혀서 늦었어요.
    I’m late because of a traffic jam.
  3. 차가 많다 = A lot of cars
    길에 차가 많아요.
    There are many cars on the road.
  4. 그래서, 뭐요? = So what?
    So what?
  5. 그런데요? = Yes…? And…?
    Yes, and…?

Beginner Vocabulary Day 56

Vocabulary List 12.1

  1. 감기에 걸려서 = Because I caught a cold
    감기에 걸려서 쉬었어요.
    Since I caught a cold, I rested.
  2. 건강이 안 좋아서 = Because I’m in bad health
    건강이 안 좋아서 병원에 갔어요.
    I went to the hospital since I’m in bad health.
  3. 너무 피곤해서 = Because I’m tired
    너무 피곤해서 잤어요.
    Since I was tired, I slept.
  4. 다른 약속이 있어서 = Because I have another appointment
    다른 약속이 있어서 만날 수 없어요.
    I can’t meet you because I had another appointment.
  5. 머리가 아파서 = Because I have a headache
    머리가 아파서 두통약을 먹었어요.
    Since I had a headache, I took some medicine.
  1. 배가 고파서 = Because I’m hungry
    배가 고파서 많이 먹었어요.
    I ate a lot because I was so hungry.
  2. 바빠서 = Because I’m busy
    바빠서 숙제를 못했어요.
    I couldn’t do my homework because I was so busy.
  3. 배가 아파서 = Because I have a stomachache
    배가 아파서 약을 먹고 쉬었어요.
    Since my stomach was upset, I took some medicine and rested.
  4. 숙제가 많아서 = Because I have a lot of homework
    숙제가 많아서 놀 수 없어요.
    I couldn’t play because I had lots of homework.
  5. 시간이 없어서 = Because I don’t have time
    시간이 없어서 쇼핑할 수 없어요.
    I couldn’t go shopping because I didn’t have any time.