Why Don’t Korean Students Care About Verb Tense When They Write Paragraphs?

If you’re teaching English Writing to Korean students, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that nearly every teacher eventually comes to: Korean students just cannot seem to get a grip on using consistent verb tenses throughout sentences and paragraphs! Why is that? Whenever you assign Writing, you receive their diaries or assignments back with present, […]

Korean FAQs: Subtle Differences in Low Intermediate #1

We’ve been receiving some questions lately regarding subtle differences in the meanings between some Korean words. So, we’ve decided to post the answers to these questions on this site in order to help benefit other students as well. Question topics 닫히다 vs. 닫다; 열리다 vs. 열다 되었어요 vs. 됐어요 In 생각이 안 나요, why 나요? 기억하다 – […]

Low Intermediate Week 1 Review

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week 이/가 is the subject particle marker; 을/를 is the object particle marker. 그리고/그렇지만/그래서 can drop all the 그 ㄹ stuff to join together those two sentences with just ~고~/~지만~/~서~. Make almost any sentence “formal” by adding 시 after the base verb (가다 = 가시다, etc). 당신 = […]