120 TOPIK #20 – TOPIK Reading Strategies

Inspiration Since I posted last time about Extensive Reading using familiar texts, here’s some helpful advice I found recently about how to effectively read UNfamiliar texts, like on TOPIK. Reading passages. THREE stratgies: Read to find information (charts/graphs/images) Basic comprehension (gist/main idea) Reading to learn (details) Question types on TOPIK (in increasing difficulty): Read the […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #11 – The importance of vocabulary acquisition cannot be overstated

← Day #10 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #12 → Inspiration Poor mastery of grammar would not break down communication, but scanty vocabulary would… One cannot overstate the importance of a rich word-bank in the language learning process. The following are the 7 strategies for mastering foreign vocabulary as presented by Dr. Vakunta in the video: […]