This page is dedicated entirely to Hanja. Here you will find information, resources, and our own Workbook Pages to download and begin (or continue) your study of Hanja.

  1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hanja

How to Study the Workbook Pages

Ideally, study the Hanja Worksheets like this:

  1. Monday: Day One (worksheet page 1)
  2. Tuesday: Review One (quiz page, first box)
  3. Wednesday: Day Two (worksheet page 2)
  4. Thursday: Review Two (quiz page, second box)
  5. Friday: TEST (quiz page, third box)

Level 8 (Hanja 1-50)


Here are the Worksheets:

  1. 8급 Week 1 Workbook PDF / Week 1 Quiz
  2. 8급 Week 2 Workbook PDF / Week 2 Quiz
  3. 8급 Week 3 Workbook PDF / Week 3 Quiz
  4. 8급 Final Test

Fun things you’ll learn in Level 8


  1. How to write “Waygook in” (외국인 = foreigner)
  2. How to write “Daehan Minguk” (대한민국 = The Republic of Korea)

Level 7 (Hanja 51-150) : Coming Soon