TOPIK Advanced Writing Topics & Tips (한국어능력시험 고급 쓰기)

The following is a list of actual previous essay writing questions from the Advanced (고급) TOPIK Test (including dates). For more practice and additional resources, be sure to check out all the previous copies of TOPIK tests on the official TOPIK website. (Find 기출문제 다운로드) Here are some essay writing tips: Every question is usually 2-3 questions. Answer each part. You need […]

How to Register for the NEW TOPIK (2014) With the release of the NEW TOPIK, the TOPIK website has also been completely redesigned and streamlined to allow for a more enjoyable and easy user interface. The PPT above provides translated instructions from TOPIK's own website about the new registration interface on their new website. 

You will still need ActiveX and some Korean installs in order to do this, so you will still need to do everything in Internet Explorer (I got stuck in Google Chrome when I tried it). 

For more detailed instructions and translations of EVERYTHING on the forms, as well as more info about payment options, see the OLD Registration PPT at:

Updated Fees:

  • TOPIK-I = 35,000
  • TOPIK-II = 40,000

How to Register for the FREE KIIP Korean Class Download the ORIGINAL PPTX here KIIP is the Korea Immigration and Integration Program. The website is located at They offer a FREE Korean course for foreigners up to TOPIK Level 4 that can also help get you points toward an F-2 VISA or other VISAs later on. 2014 KIIP Testing Schedule and Information […]