What to Expect After Acceptance in a KIIP Online Class

  • At the beginning of 2014, I heard about KIIP (사회통합프로그램).
  • In the first quarter (around March), I took the KIIP Pre-test and was placed in Level 4.
  • After not being able to take the online class in the first half of the year due to time restrictions, I was finally able to get into (and complete) the 100-hour course for KIIP Level 4.

Here are the details about what to expect immediately after joining an online class:

1. Why Online? Won’t you consider Offline?

After registering in an online class, you will be contacted within a few days by someone in the Seoul program office. They will likely ask you why you have selected to do the online class and not the on-site class. This is particularly true if they can tell by your user registration information that there is an available class center near you. (For example, I live in Jeonju, and Woosuk University is on the outskirts of Jeonju. They initially tried to get me to switch to the Woosuk University class.)

Tell them that the times don’t match up with your schedule (especially given travel time to and from the location), and it should be fine. They won’t press the matter further.

2. Proof of Employment

After questioning me about the class time, the program representative then told me that they’d need a copy of my employment record at Jeonju University to prove where I worked. I had to fax them my 재직증명서 before I was “officially” in.

(I’m not sure if they require proof of employment from EVERYBODY. Obviously not everybody can get that document from their workplace, and some stay-at-home moms are unemployed. But I’d expect them to request SOME kind of document either from you or from your spouse or employer to prove who you are, where you live/work, and that you qualify for the program.)

3. Install the KIIP Computer Program

http://www.kiipedu.com After faxing the document, you’ll need to download the classroom program from the site with a user ID and password they assign you (via email I believe). The site is kiipedu.com. From there, download the program for the class (the right-most link in the top menu – it’s an .exe so only good for Windows).

KIIP Program Download and Install

4. Test your equipment

The TWO pieces of equipment you’ll need for the online class are:

  1. A mic / headset (I highly recommend a USB headset)
  2. A USB camera

After installing the program, you’ll need to log in on the Thursday or Friday before your class “officially” starts in order to test your mic, headphones, and camera to be sure you CAN do the class. As long as both of those work, it’s just a 5 minute “hi” to someone who probably won’t even be your teacher.

5. Show up for class

After that, on the first day of class, the teacher will introduce the class and tell you that the book should be on its way. (Someone from your local Immigration Office should have already called you and asked to which address you want the book sent.)

I received my book in the middle of the second week of class, but don’t worry. The entire book (all the books) are available online as ebooks at kiipedu.com and you can access them at any time. The teacher will open the digital book in the class program (probably for every class) to show you the text, circle things, highlight things, or draw and write things on it with their digital pen tool.

Any more questions?

Let me know in the comments below.