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Kim Yuna in Sochi Olympics Skating Silver “아, 짜다” and Expressions


Kim Yuna, the obvious favorite in Korea for women’s figure skating individual gold medal in Sochi was beat out for the top spot Thursday night by Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova.

A bit of a controversy has arisen from the results (particularly among Koreans). Here’s a summary of the arguments:

  1. Kim Yuna won the Short Program Wednesday night.
  2. Sotnikova’s Free Skate had a higher degree of technical difficulty than Kim Yuna’s. (Here’s a move-by-move analysis provided by the New York Times.)
  3. Kim Yuna’s Free Skate was flawless.
  4. Sotnikova two-footed a double jump, yet still managed to raise her score by 18 points from Wednesday.
  5. Some are claiming that Sotnikova enjoyed somewhat of a “home field advantage.”

USA Today reports began by showing how Sotnikova legitimately beat Kim:

There are sure to be howls of protest over Sotnikova’s victory, especially after Kim skated a program looking cleaner and more polished. This is figure skating, after all, and it wouldn’t be the first time a skater benefited from home cooking.
— USA Today (2.20.2014)

But later, turned toward the controversy sparked by the scoring:

A high-ranking Olympic figure skating official, who spoke to USA TODAY sports on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the topic, said the geographic makeup of the judging panel “was clearly slanted towards (Olympic gold medalist) Adelina Sotnikova,” adding “this is what they can do.”
— USA Today (2.21.2014)

Here is a table comparing the results of the two skaters over the two nights:

Kim YunaSotnikova
Short Program, February 19, 2014
Free Program, February 20, 2014
DifficultyLevel 3Level 4
Combined Score

Full results can be found at the Sochi Olympics Ladies Free Skating page.

And here’s an opinion piece by the editor of 10 Magazine arguing that Kim was robbed of her last gold medal.

Videos of the competition

Most of these are from SBS News.

김연아 Interview after Silver


In the image above, 김연아 says, “아, 짜다” after her Short Program score. Video here.

YTN News calls it an “아쉬운 은메달.” (The video also includes Tweets about it.)

And here are some more expressions I’ve found in videos regarding 김연아’s silver medal:

How do you feel about 김연아’s silver at Sochi?

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