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My Temperature’s Rising! Expressions (#16) to say when you get Angry in Korean

142-temperature 135-toe-dirt 136-mutt-training 137-dog-better 138-bok-dog 139-eat-yut 140-grow-up 141-name-change 143-disgusting-worm 144-kill-and-dismember 145-juri-torture 146-dismembered 147-boiled-alive

As always, click the images above to go to our TUMBLR page with more details about the stories behind the expressions.

In terms of severity and “fight-initiating potential” I’d probably rank them like this:

  1. Mild: “I swear I’ll change my family name.”
  2. “The blood has hardly dried on his head.”
  3. “He’s no better than a dog.”
  4. “Are you training a mutt?”
  5. “You’re worse than the dirt between my toes.”
  6. Getting serious: “My temperature’s rising!”
  7. “They beat him like a dog on a ‘bok’ day.”
  8. “He/she should be tortured.”
  9. “He should be boiled alive.”
  10. “He should be dismembered.”
  11. Let’s fight! “I want to kill him, then dig him up and dismember his body.”
  12. “You disgusting worm!”
  13. “Eat ‘yut’!”

That last one is pretty interesting. What do you suppose happens when someone brings ‘yut’ out and invites people to eat it? Obviously tone of voice and formality of speech would mean a lot. But what if someone is whining about how hungry he is and ‘yut’ is all you’ve got? And he’s refusing to eat it? Do you think at some point – out of frustration – he might find himself on the receiving end of #13?

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