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Happy New Year 2014!~


After a long hiatus, we are ready to get back to work in 2014 bringing you more content and Korean learning resources and motivation! Welcome to 2014!~

The end of 2013

Over the past few months (during our down time), a few significant things have happened:

  1. Our daughter, Jenna Grace, was born (November 18, 2013).
  2. I took on an extra Computer class at the high school I work at – “Computer B: Intro to Computer Programming (Websites)” – that has kept me quite busy.
  3. Began a monthly Language Exchange Party at Winning Story Cafe (where we teach classes).
  4. Installed Learning with Texts on our site to aid your foreign language reading practice.

Looking at 2014

You may recall in our birthday post I talked about wanting to get a mobile app developed and update the homepage. Those are both still in planning. Beyond that, here are some more goals we’re looking forward to in 2014, as well as a new blog posting schedule:


  1. Update the blog (1) homepage, and (2) overall style.
  2. A little bit of reorganization is also needed.
  3. Get back to teaching in the classroom (Sarah is taking a break now to be home with the newborn).
  4. Create more MEDIA including possibly (1) cooking videos, (2) grammar videos, (3) a weekly/bi-weekly podcast, (4) a comic.
  5. Achieve TOPIK LEVEL 4!!

Updated Posting Schedule for 2014 (Quarter 1)

  1. Monday: Motivation
  2. Tuesday: Tech Tips
  3. Wednesday: Writing Analysis & Tips (Podcast?)
  4. Thursday: Throwback
  5. Friday: Follow-up Grammar (from Wednesday)
  6. Saturday: Special (culture, history, music, etc)
  7. Sunday: Funnies (comic)

What are your Korean learning/life goals for 2014?

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