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Want a Key To Korean T-shirt?

With the rebrand of our site this year, I’ve updated a number of design elements and created some new ones including:

  1. Logo and background images
  2. Website Theme
  3. Business cards

I also designed a T-shirt just for fun and I thought it looked cool enough that I thought I’d see if anyone else wanted one as well.

Note: We are NOT taking orders for the shirt at this time – just gauging interest. Please indicate in the Comments below if this is something you’d like to order.

IF we get enough interest in the shirt, then we’ll start collecting orders within a week or two for a first round of printing.

Note: If you miss out on the first round of printing, we’ll print more later. 


Shirt details:

  1. Price: $20 (includes shipping fee)
    (Payment can be collected later via PayPal)
  2. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL (Korean sizes)
    (Note: I wear XL in Korea, but L or sometimes M in the US)
  3. Color: Green
    (Possibly more colors later)
  4. Sleeve-length: Probably short-sleeve but please indicate in the Comments if you prefer long-sleeve. If there’s enough interest, we may order both.
  5. Shipping: Worldwide shipping available

Is there anything I’ve missed?

Again, if you’re interested in ordering a shirt, please indicate so in the Comments below. I’m happy to throw a business card or two in the packages as well if we do order these.

And if you think this is cool, let your friends know – share the post on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever you happen to frequent.


Again, this is NOT an Order Form. Just let me know in the Comments below if this is something you’d like to order. I’ll create an order form later.

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