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TOPIK 중급 Grammar book

Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate provides quite a step up from the previous book. There is TONS of new vocab and plenty more grammar points. As such, the book really ought to be studied at a slightly slower pace than Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner in order to learn and remember as much as possible.

These pages follow in the same format as the previous class pages with 72 new words per side (12 new words per day). However, due to the large amount of new vocabulary, each “Week” has a front and back side. That means that the vocab is actually DOUBLE what it was for Low Intermediate classes (if you study one page per week). Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to slow down, and take two weeks to learn each page.

Design Notes: These are designed to be printed front-back at 100% scale. Then all the vocab fits on one side and all the grammar points on another so you can cut them apart with scissors if you want to.

i-week1-front i-week1-back

Intermediate Vocabulary & Grammar

  1. Week 1: Words 1-144 (Chapter 1)
  2. Week 2: Words 145-288 (Chapter 2-3)
  3. Week 3: Words 289-432 (Chapter 4)

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