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Intermediate Grammar & Vocabulary Sheet Chapter 1

Intermediate Grammar chp 1 cheat sheet
Here is the Cheat Sheet for Intermediate Grammar chapter ONE.

DOWNLOAD Chapter 1 Cheat Sheet (updated 8.31.2013)

Chapter 1 in Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate had so much new vocabulary that I had to double the normal amount (from a list of 72 to a list of 144). I’m not yet sure how the rest of the book will turn out, it might be the first chapter has loads of new vocab that will be reused throughout the book. If that’s the case, we’ll return to lists of 72 new words for the remaining chapters. However, for chapter one, this seemed like a good design.

The Cheat Sheet has been designed to be printed front/back on a single piece of paper. It’s been designed so that you could cut the page down the dividing line between grammar and vocab so that you could carry around a separate front/back grammar sheet and a separate front/back vocabulary sheet. 

About the Vocab:

These are all words that have NOT appeared on any of our previous vocabulary lists (i.e. they haven’t been introduced in any of the previous books we’ve taught).

About the Grammar:

These are simply my personal notes to help remember and review the grammar. For much fuller and better explanations, purchase the book.

Upcoming Grammar guides:

I will be (shortly) posting these notes in individual posts for each grammar point covered. The posts will include:

  • An overview of the grammar point
  • The tenses (past, present, future, adjective-use, verb-use, noun-use)
  • Notes about using that grammar point
  • My personal sentence examples (I’ll have them double-checked by Sarah, our teacher)
  • A video of me reading those sentences aloud (I want more practice speaking the grammar we study)

Additionally, at some point in the future, we hope to include a video of Sarah teaching each grammar point on the white board. But that might not come until much later.

For now, enjoy this Grammar/Vocab Cheat Sheet and look forward to our individual grammar posts.

What do you think of the new Grammar sheet? Is it better than the old ones for the previous book?

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