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TOPIK Beginner Writing Samples (Tests 21-30)

One of the BEST things I ever studied while preparing for the TOPIK test was the sample answers that the TOPIK website provides.

TOPIK-Beginner Writing Topics & Samples (21-30).DOCX

So, I’ve decided to collect ALL the previous TOPIK Writing topics and examples provided by into a single document. However, since there are so many, I’ve decided to split the larger document into 2 smaller parts with 10 previous tests each (TOPIK Writing began from test 10).

Take a look:

TOPIK beginner writing samples 21-30

Why were these writing samples so great?

Simply, I could see some of the grammar structures and vocabulary that would give me more points on the test if I used them. Take test 29 for example. In the fourth sentence, it says:

시내에는 볼 것도 많고 맛있는 것도 많이 있기 때문입니다.

When preparing, ~기 때문입니다 (because of doing something) was one of the most useful things I learned. I made it my mission from then on to use either ~기 때문입니다 or ~때문에 (because of) in my TOPIK writing at some point.

Take a look also at the second sentence:

저는 운동을 좋아해서 친구들을 만나면 집 근처에 있는 운동장에서 농구 축구를 합니다.

The sentence basically says: “Since I like to exercise, if I meet my friends, we like to play basketball or soccer at the playground near my house.”

This is a great sentence to use “since” (~서) and “if” (~면) and “or” (나) and “nearby” (근처에 있는) – or any combination of the four.

Those are just a few examples of the kinds of great grammar structures you can find, learn from, and practice as you prepare for TOPIK. And if you want more help TOPIK Writing resources for Beginners, check out the following:

How have the TOPIK sample answers helped you on TOPIK?

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