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Android Resource: The BEST Topik Test Prep App for Android

Great news! This app is now available for iPhone too!


I just stumbled upon this app today as I was searching for TOPIK test info. I’ve already downloaded it and started playing around with it. It’s quite slick and responsive, very well-designed and comprehensive. Lucky for us, it comes in FOUR flavors:


App FREE - logoApp FREE - home
Contains 200 Beginner; 200 Intermediate; 100 Advanced questions.
(Tests 23회 and 24회)


App Beginner - logoApp Beginner - home

Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions. (2,300 won)


App Intermediate - logoApp Intermediate - home

Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions (2,300 won)


App Advanced - logoApp Advanced - home

Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions. (2,300 won)

App Features

This app includes all the parts of the TOPIK test: Vocabulary and Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Reading. It also includes some pretty nice features. Click through the slideshow below to check them out:

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When you click your smartphone’s “Back” key to go back to the main menu, it also shows you how many points you’ve currently gained for each section of the test.

Listening Section Caution

On their website, they offer a caution about the Listening section:

Audio files are between 40MB and 60MB. So they are very big files. Only download it if you are using a WIFI connection.

Audio files are huge, and after downloaded, they are stored in your sdcard, inside the “TOPIKONE” folder. If you don’t need an audio file anymore, you can delete it from this folder by yourself.

Additionally, the author suggests just downloading the files to your computer, and using an SD Card on your phone for storage. But you’ll have to change the filename appropriately so that the app recognizes the files. Check the website for specifics.

App Review

Honestly, this is a superb app for studying the TOPIK. It’s one that I would have liked to program myself (if I knew how). The Naver Search dictionary is also a wonderful feature that was a genius addition. And the Listening file caution is no problem for me (I would expect to download that anyway).

All in all 5 STARS for this app.

Here’s a video of app usage too:

Now, does anybody know of a similarly superb TOPIK app like this for iDevices?

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for your nice review about the app.
    감동 받았어요. ㅋㅋㅋ
    I am currently working to port it to iPhone also.
    I wish you good luck with the TOPIK exam and the Korean Language.


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