Happy New Year 2014!~

After a long hiatus, we are ready to get back to work in 2014 bringing you more content and Korean learning resources and motivation! Welcome to 2014!~ The end of 2013 Over the past few months (during our down time), a few significant things have happened: Our daughter, Jenna Grace, was born (November 18, 2013). […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #6 – Use ‘Keystone Habits’ to create a chain reaction of Success like Michael Phelps

← Day #5 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #7 → Inspiration: Michael Phelps I’ve previously written on the power of using your brain’s neurological cravings to form habits to aid your language study. Today will we look at another example of using habits to achieve success. Habits are incredibly powerful tools if put to proper […]