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A Look Back at my Progress in March

After doing a bit of research into Habit formation and Intrinsic Motivation, I’ve decided to do a bit of experimentation on myself to see if I can’t Create some great long-lasting Habits and get rid of some others that aren’t necessarily so good for me.

A good number of my experiments will revolve around Korean language learning, but initially there are some other lifestyle Habits I’d like to really form into a steady Routine.

Here are my results from March (some of these may look simple, but almost all of them were not present in my life in any significant manner until March):

Bodyweight Exercise:

  1. Pullups: 326 reps (140 partial pullups)
  2. Pushups: 996 reps
  3. Squats: 1,010 reps
  4. Ab work: 1,770 reps
  5. Biking: 224km (139 miles)

I bike 8km to and from work daily (unless it rains) in about 23-24 minutes. Monday, Thursday are pullup days. Tuesday, Friday are pushup days. Wednesday, Saturday are squat days. Sunday is a day off for my exhausted muscles. My weight has fluctuated from 86.8kg (Feb 17) to 84.6kg (Mar 31).

Personal Development:

  1. Podcasts: 11.5 hours
  2. Audiobooks: 3.5 hours (The Power of Habit, Drive)
  3. Reading: 6.75 hours (Morning 3.75 hours, Afternoon 3 hours)
  4. Blog writing: 22 posts (estimated at 12~20,000 words)
  5. Transcription: Est. 6,000 words
  6. Design: 4 projects (KOTESOL Poster, AICF brochure, Bended Knees cards and tract)
  7. Habit: Making a Weekly Schedule & Menu


  1. Grammar: 8 blog posts
  2. TTMIK Iyagi: 1 article
  3. 한국어 Diary: 20 entries (8,000 characters)
  4. Speaking: <10 times


  1. Habit: Calling my wife M, W, F at lunch
  2. Habit: Saturday housecleaning: Take out the trash, wash the bathroom
  3. Set aside each weeknight for a special purpose

As you can see from my Korean language Progress above, though I made a good deal of progress in Writing, I didn’t progress nearly as much as I’d have liked to in Grammar, Vocab, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. While the other Habits I’ve developed above will continue, I will also plan to work on establishing these other NEW Habits.

NEW Habit Goals for April:

  1. Reading: TTMIK’s Iyagi, short news articles
  2. Vocab: 3x daily vocab review sessions (audio – join with exercise)
  3. Grammar: Daily blog posts + sentences
  4. Speaking: Morning YouTube video? Evening dialogue with wife? Lunch with Koreans at work?
  5. Listening: Once/weekly Korean TV – Running Man or something + audio vocab
  6. Daily: eBook design for 1 hour (morning)
  7. Weekly: Podcast work + YouTube work

Let’s see how April turns out! Wish me luck!~

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