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First Look: Images from April 1 Avengers 2 Gangnam Shoot!


APRIL 1, GANGNAM, Seoul, Korea –

Filming for Avengers 2 is underway in Seoul, Korea for the first two weeks of April. The first scenes were shot on Mapo Bridge on March 30 and traffic was closed off in that location.

Today, on April 1, filming took place along the bustling streets of Gangnam. But things there got a little unusual as the cast of the Avengers was seen dancing Gangnam Style with singer Psy down the very streets that made him a superstar. It is unlikely that such scenes will be included in the main movie, however. These “Gangnam Style Avengers” are more likely to enjoy the same after-credits placement as the “Shawarma Avengers” received in the first Avengers film.

More planned filming locations include the Songahm Digital Media City near the World Cup Stadium, Cheondam Bridge, Mullae Dong’s Steel neighborhood, the floating islands on the Han River, and additional scenes from the famous Gangnam neighborhood.

Filming is slated to run through April 14, and will include the majority of the Avengers cast along with Korean newcomer, actress and model Kim Soo-hyun. She will play a doctor and scientist friend of Tony Stark.

See the rest of the April 1 Gangnam shoot gallery here!

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