120 TOPIK #17 – Hyperpolyglot Kato Lomb’s 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts of Language Learning

Inspiration After watching Tim Ferriss explain language learning shortcuts that people like he and Cardinal Mezzofanti (supposedly able to converse convincingly in up to 39 different languages) used to learn languages quickly, I started browsing for other language learning tips from “professionals.” I happened to stumble upon some biographical information of a Hungarian woman named Kató […]

What’s In What’s Out 2014

Taking some inspiration from the above video as well as the following two links, I’ve decided to create our own list of “What’s In What’s Out” for learning Korean in 2014. What’s In What’s Out 2014: USA Today What’s In What’s Out 2014: Dave Ramsey In: Essay and Journal Writing Out: Workbooks Have you ever […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #30 – Giving a foreign language speech is the ULTIMATE test of your language ability

← Day #29 30-Day Challenge Home Base BONUS → Inspiration So, you are giving a presentation in English from Benjamin Ball Associates – presentation experts The ultimate test of your foreign language skills is in giving a presentation or speech in that foreign language. Giving a speech in your native language may be challenging enough, […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #14 – Use Dictation to improve not only your Listening, but also your Reading, Writing, AND Speaking

← Day #13 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #15 → Inspiration Listening should be an engaging, methodic, and sustained activity. Another good video today from Dr. Vakunta: the seven habits of Highly Effective Listeners: Combine active and passive listening Hybrid listening Paraphrase what you hear Skim listening Repetition cycle Shadowing Dictation Details about each strategy […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #8 – Sam Hammington’s language learning Confidence

← Day #7 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #9 → Inspiration: Sam Hammington The following in an excerpt from the Wall Street English Korea podcast episode #25 with Sam Hammington. Direct mp3 download available on the podcast website.  My full transcription of the interview. (.DOCX) Sam Hammington (샘 해밍텬) is the first (and currently only) expat in […]