120 TOPIK #19 – On Hyperpolyglot Cardinal Mezzofanti & Reading Familiar Texts in a Foreign Language

Inspiration Cardinal Mezzofanti was an 18th/19th century (1774-1849) hyperpolyglot who spoke 39 different languages “with rare excellence”. Here’s a list: Biblical Hebrew • Rabbinical Hebrew • Arabic • Aramaic • Coptic • Ancient Armenian • Modern Armenian • Persian • Turkish • Albanian • Maltese • Ancient Greek • Modern Greek • Latin • Italian • Spanish • Portuguese • French • German • Swedish • Danish • Dutch • English • Illyrian • Russian • Polish • Czechish, or Bohemian […]

120 TOPIK #17 – Hyperpolyglot Kato Lomb’s 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts of Language Learning

Inspiration After watching Tim Ferriss explain language learning shortcuts that people like he and Cardinal Mezzofanti (supposedly able to converse convincingly in up to 39 different languages) used to learn languages quickly, I started browsing for other language learning tips from “professionals.” I happened to stumble upon some biographical information of a Hungarian woman named Kató […]

120 Days to TOPIK #10 – Reduce, Reuse, and Reward your way to Fluency

Inspiration The 3R’s (and icons) of maintaining a healthy environment and planet can be re-purposed to also remind us how to maintain a healthy, active, and rapidly learning brain. Reduce → Reduce Reuse → Reuse Recycle → Reward 1. REDUCE Reduction is synonymous with simplification. Remember we talked earlier about how “studying harder” is less effective […]