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120 TOPIK #18 – Language Learning Tips from the Stars of Terminator: Genisys


In honor of Terminator: Genisys (which I’ll be going to see later tonight), I thought I’d resurrect two of our old posts that include language learning tips from the major stars of the movie: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Byung-Hun.

I’ve reposted the main points of each article below – click the heading to go to the main post for more info and quotations from each star in their own words.

  • Schwarzenegger’s quotes come directly from his excellent autobiography: Total Recall
  • Lee’s quotes come from various English and Korean interviews I scoured off the Internet


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Language Learning Mindset

  1. There’s no better way than immersion
  2. Choose your friends with purpose – to learn the language and culture
  3. Take classes with purpose – to learn to “be a native”
  4. Have a single-minded focus
  5. Don’t be lazy about it


What Lee Byung-Hun can teach you about Second Language Learning

  1. Have a reason to USE the language – alongside your passions
  2. (Humbly) accept help from a (pronunciation) coach (or three)
  3. Use it often, everywhere, in everything
  4. Stay calm and ignore the onlookers


Summing up all of the tips from the two, here’s your Challenge today:

  1. Immerse yourself in the language and use it as much as possible
  2. FOCUS – keep your purpose always in the forefront of your mind and don’t be lazy about it
  3. Find help with it and use the language purposefully

One more tip: remember to HAVE FUN with your language (that’s why I wrote this post today – I’m planning on doing my best to READ the Korean subtitles along with the movie).

Over to you:

Are you looking forward to the new Terminator film? How will you use these tips to help you with your own language learning? (Remember that NEITHER star has English as their native language – they BOTH learned English to fluency). Let me know in the Comments below or on social media with #120TOPIK.

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