120 TOPIK #20 – TOPIK Reading Strategies

Inspiration Since I posted last time about Extensive Reading using familiar texts, here’s some helpful advice I found recently about how to effectively read UNfamiliar texts, like on TOPIK. Reading passages. THREE stratgies: Read to find information (charts/graphs/images) Basic comprehension (gist/main idea) Reading to learn (details) Question types on TOPIK (in increasing difficulty): Read the […]

120 TOPIK #31 – 1500 Intermediate TOPIK Vocabulary Flashcards

There we go. I updated this Post to NOT use Google Drive anymore to share the file – there were some permissions errors that prevented people from being able to download it. Now it should be no problem. Download and enjoy!~ Inspiration Here is a PDF of ALL 1500 Intermediate TOPIK Vocabulary Flashcards I made […]

120 TOPIK #28 – Specialized Vocabulary Subjects to Study for TOPIK

Information Vocabulary was my weakness on the previous TOPIK test, so this time I want to be sure to study vocab hard. And I want to study the RIGHT vocab hard. In the TOPIK Writing book I’ve got, there are extensive lists of vocabulary that may be present on the TOPIK test. Below, you can […]

120 TOPIK #27 – TOPIK Writing Spacing Rules Revisited (띄어쓰기)

Information Just as there is spacing in English, Korean also has spacing to help separate words and read things faster. And just as there are spacing rules in English (mostly just separating words with a single space), there are also spacing rules in Korean (which are slightly more complicated). I’ve previously written on proper Korean […]

120 TOPIK #26 – TOPIK Wongoji Writing Rules Revisited

Information A while ago I wrote a few posts about Wongoji essay papers: Take a Look at Some Sample TOPIK Answer Papers (Blank) and download Wongoji essay papers Learn how to write TOPIK essays well using Wongoji writing guidelines Today, let’s revisit the Wongoji writing rules as described in the 토픽 쓰기 100점 받자! book: […]

120 Days to TOPIK #25 – TOPIK Writing Punctuation Marks

Information TOPIK Writing (or, Korean writing in general), pretty much follows the same punctuation conventions as English. Periods mark the end of sentences or abbreviations and separate dates Commas create lists, separate phrases, and mark speech Question marks finish questions Exclamation marks express animated remarks (surprise, shouts, rebukes, etc) Quotation marks express speech and animal […]

120 TOPIK #24 – TOPIK Editorial Essay Writing Standards

Information Although previously this section has always been titled “Inspiration”, I find that as I get further into my studies with TOPIK that “Information” is a more appropriate title. Therefore, I will use the two interchangeably from now on depending on context. 논설문 채점 기준 (Editorial Essay Grading Standards) These tips are taken from the […]

120 TOPIK #16 – Deconstruct Korean Grammar with 13 Sentences

Inspiration Tim Ferriss has some pretty incredible (nearly unbelievable) stories about how he learned various languages. Here’s a brief preview (from the video above) about the amount of time he spent to learn these languages: Japanese: 11 months (while living in Japan & using Judo textbooks, comics, etc) Chinese: 6 months (Chinese 101 in Princeton – […]

120 TOPIK #15 – Pronunciation Tips from Tim Ferriss

Inspiration I recently watched this excellent video from Tim Ferriss about language learning and in the Q&A session at the end, he gave some excellent tips for fixing your pronunciation. Pronunciation tips: Find a native speaker Ask a language exchange partner, friend, tutor, teacher, coworker, OR, find someone on Craig’s List, Livemocha, Verbling, or RhinoSpike […]

120 TOPIK #23 – The Best TOPIK Writing Tips to Improve your Score

Inspiration **Note: These are ALL the tips my Korean tutor has given me about my TOPIK Writing thus far. I’ll continue to update this post as I receive updated info. Bookmark it now if you think it’s useful. First of all, there’s a big difference between the first essay type question (200-300 characters) and the […]

120 TOPIK #18 – Language Learning Tips from the Stars of Terminator: Genisys

Inspiration In honor of Terminator: Genisys (which I’ll be going to see later tonight), I thought I’d resurrect two of our old posts that include language learning tips from the major stars of the movie: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Byung-Hun. I’ve reposted the main points of each article below – click the heading to go […]

120 Days to TOPIK #13 – Turning Google Images into an Illustrated Storybook

Inspiration The following Comment was left on our 9th 120 TOPIK Challenge called: Learn More Now, Recognize Patterns, Achieve Fluency Faster. In that post, I remarked about how creating 30 flashcards per day was taking me around 2+ hours. Here’s the feedback I received from one of our readers: I also found that the flash cards […]

120 Days to TOPIK #11 – What’s the Minimum Effective Daily Dose?

Inspiration In yesterday’s post, I started to talk about the Minimum Effective Dose of Korean work that would help you make exceptional progress without wasting an exceptional amount of your time. I thought it was such a valuable concept (and question) that it was worth returning to today. What is YOUR Minimum Effective (Daily) Dose […]

120 Days to TOPIK #10 – Reduce, Reuse, and Reward your way to Fluency

Inspiration The 3R’s (and icons) of maintaining a healthy environment and planet can be re-purposed to also remind us how to maintain a healthy, active, and rapidly learning brain. Reduce → Reduce Reuse → Reuse Recycle → Reward 1. REDUCE Reduction is synonymous with simplification. Remember we talked earlier about how “studying harder” is less effective […]

How I Will Study for the TOPIK II in 120 Days (and You Can Join Me)

Well, that was unexpected. I recently wrote a post outlining my plan to cram for the TOPIK II in 30 days. I had been planning to take the test on July 19, 2015. But, I guess plans change. As it turns out, the registration period for the 41st TOPIK test ended on Wednesday June 17 at […]

120 Days to TOPIK #30 – The List of 1500 Intermediate TOPIK Words I Studied This Summer

Inspiration I spent the summer studying 30 new vocabulary words per day, making flashcards for them and going through the Leitner Calendar Spaced Repetition System to make it all work and help me memorize the words long-term. Well, after creating 1500 flashcards, I found that I needed a quick refresher with some of the words, […]

120 TOPIK #22 – My TOPIK Writing Stinks – Here’s How I’ll Tackle It

Inspiration My TOPIK Writing stinks. Like, really stinks. Last time I got a 22/100 on the Writing portion (and at least 1.5 times as high on all the other parts). So, I don’t want to repeat that. Therefore, I’m going to spend the next handful of posts in the 120 TOPIK Challenge ONLY on Writing. […]