Understand Habits by Understanding Triggers and Rewards

Habits are the KEY for you to succeed at almost anything. The thing about Habits is, you don’t have to even think about them. They are pre-programmed into your brain and enable you to do routine, complex tasks – skillfully – on autopilot. Imagine a morning routine – getting ready for work. There are literally […]

In the Habit Management Triangle, Reducing Scope is More Important than Modifying Schedule

In this series of posts, we’ve already talked about: The Difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation My Personal Habit Creation Experimentation How to Create Habits by Understanding Triggers and Rewards How to Understand Will Power and Make it Stronger The Difference between Perfection and Progress Continuing along the same vein, today’s post will discuss the […]

Key to Korean #4: Make It a Habit (Habits are Powerful)

Habits are powerful because you don’t even think about them. You just do them. Have you ever had a time in your life where you argue with yourself over some course of action? I used to do that all the time about exercise or meals. When I first came to Korea, I worked in the […]

My Experimentation (and Success!) with Habit Creation

Over the past week, I’ve been playing around with habits. Actually, habits have fascinated me for some time – particularly since I started studying them in the book by Charles Duhigg: The Power of Habit. I’ve written a number of previous posts on habits (using some of the stuff I learned from that book for […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #6 – Use ‘Keystone Habits’ to create a chain reaction of Success like Michael Phelps

← Day #5 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #7 → Inspiration: Michael Phelps I’ve previously written on the power of using your brain’s neurological cravings to form habits to aid your language study. Today will we look at another example of using habits to achieve success. Habits are incredibly powerful tools if put to proper […]

Until Your SHOULDS Become MUSTS, You’re Doomed to Walk the Road of Average

If you want to know the difference in people’s lives, it all comes down to: what are the things in your life that are “MUSTS” versus “SHOULDS”? — Anthony Robbins Should Recently, I listened to an interview with Anthony Robbins where he talks about the difference between Must and Should. He said, “If you want […]

Change your Life by Changing your Labels (Consistency)

Remember my previous post where I argued that: Something always beats nothing Something produces momentum and feeds your passion The key to all of it is CONSISTENCY.  What is Consistency? Consistency quite simply is our habits. Whatever good or bad habits you have, that is your consistency, and that is what you are. Want to […]

May 2014 in Review – A Depressing, Character-Building Month of Perseverance

May was the worst month I’ve had in a long time.  I was down in the dumps nearly the entire month. My energy was low, enthusiasm was low, and drive was very low. My attitude was primarily negative, full of complaints and anger. And I accomplished much less than I had set out to do. […]

How to use Neurological Cravings to Create Good Habits (Like Studying Korean)

If you can identify the right cue and reward—and if you can create a sense of craving—you can establish almost any habit. … Craving, it turns out, is what powers a habit. – Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit The last Motivation post on here talked about habits, particularly about the power of habits and […]

Your Best Energy is Earliest – Use It!

The post title says it all: Your Best Energy is Earliest – Use It! It’s January 2014. It’s the first Monday of the first month of the New Year. Chances are, you’ve probably made some New Year’s Resolutions. If not, you’ll probably get to work on that today (or at least you should). So why […]

120 Days to TOPIK #10 – Reduce, Reuse, and Reward your way to Fluency

Inspiration The 3R’s (and icons) of maintaining a healthy environment and planet can be re-purposed to also remind us how to maintain a healthy, active, and rapidly learning brain. Reduce → Reduce Reuse → Reuse Recycle → Reward 1. REDUCE Reduction is synonymous with simplification. Remember we talked earlier about how “studying harder” is less effective […]

Key to Korean #5: Plan it, but don’t write your plan in stone

By now, you should hopefully have: A passion for Korean A practice method Perseverance in your practice Developed your practice into a habit So now, it becomes time to talk about creating a plan for your study. No one ever gets very far along their journey without a plan. One well-known idea about planning can […]

Here’s Why (and How) “Something is Better than Nothing”

I’m sure I’ve probably heard the idiom before, but it never struck me until I read it in Jon Acuff’s Start book the other day: Some Beats None Something always beats nothing because “nothing” is at a stand-still while “something” is moving. You have a goal? You have a dream? You have a hope? You […]

How I Will Study for the TOPIK II in 120 Days (and You Can Join Me)

Well, that was unexpected. I recently wrote a post outlining my plan to cram for the TOPIK II in 30 days. I had been planning to take the test on July 19, 2015. But, I guess plans change. As it turns out, the registration period for the 41st TOPIK test ended on Wednesday June 17 at […]

BHAGs and High Performance Achievement in Korean

Just read this article from Dave Ramsey’s team about High Performance Achievement and goal setting. The question posed at the beginning of the article is: When it comes to life, do you want to just roll with it, or will you reach for something more? And the solution presented is: Forming habits that push you […]

RE: 6 Steps to Get Going Again After A False Start

Ever experienced a false start? One of those times you tell yourself, “I’m going to do X” but when you get yourself down to it, you don’t. False starts are most commonly experienced when good intentions don’t measure up to reality. Examples: New Year’s Resolutions A new schedule that demands new routines and habits A dream, […]