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A Little Bit of a Mix Up with the Comments

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After switching the Key to Korean theme over to my fully customized Gojoseon WordPress theme in February, I noticed a problem occurring with the Comments.

I was pretty proud of the work I’d done on the site previously (over the past two years) and didn’t want to lose that so I thought I’d archive the old site at The problem is that when I duplicated the existing site to that address, WordPress thought that it meant I wanted to MOVE the site there, so JetPack and other components transferred their links over there rather than keeping them at the true address

What this means is that:

  1. YES, I have received a number of good, high quality comments from many of you. THANKS.
  2. NO, I’m not ignoring you by not replying, I’m just working out how to transfer your comments back over to THIS website and not the archived site

This means I’m going to have to do a couple of things:

  1. Go into the database and manually transfer your comments from the archive to the current site
  2. Fix the linking problem (which I think I just fixed today as I upgraded to WordPress 4.2 and JetPack asked me to relink the site because it found the discrepancy I’ve previously mentioned)
  3. Figure out what’s happening with my Disqus commenting system. As some of you may remember, I used Disqus for comments on this blog for a long time until a few people told me that they had trouble logging on to use it. I still like Disqus and all the old comments are still there even after I turned it “off”, and I’m considering how I might get back into using it again

All that being said, I’m sorry for not updating this site more regularly. Read more about WHY I’ve been unable to at the following post:

Why Key To Korean Hasn’t Received Much Blog Love Recently

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