Summer Update 2017

Let me give you a really quick update about me. This may help you understand why this site hasn’t received as much “love” lately.

As you may have read elsewhere on the blog, the following have kept me extremely busy since about 2013:

  1. I’m working 2 (nearly full-time) day jobs
  2. I’m trying to change my career path by furthering my Computer Programming education
  3. I’m studying for various CompTIA certification exams this summer

Now, it’s summer vacation from school (my day jobs), so I have a bit more time. But I’m also VERY burned out, and have loads of side projects. The picture above shows one of the things I’ve taken up again recently this summer. A full list of my new endeavors is below:

  1. Studying Level 4 in the KIIP program for the second time (picture above) – giving a presentation on the US and its economy
  2. Learning bass guitar
  3. Reading 2 chapters in a book per day
  4. Regular exercise – I have been going to the gym for about a year now – and bike about 40km every day I have KIIP class (Tue, Wed, Fri) since it’s out of town (5-10km on the other days)

And here’s an update on KeyToKorean and our Korean teacher:

  1. She recently finished her thesis and Master’s degree for Teaching Korean to Foreigners (Feb) and is employed by Chonbuk National University (so she’s busy)
  2. Therefore, we aren’t doing any more group or private classes right now – will try to update the site later to reflect this
  3. But I personally hope to start blogging (slightly more) regularly here again. I want to continue to provide resources for learning Korean – and finish some of what’s already started.

This is just a quick update, but I’m hoping to add more to our site soon.

Another note: I am currently working on a totally new website theme design that should hopefully help make it easier to read and less cluttered. I’m hoping to complete that by the end of the summer at the latest.