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6.6 – Memorial Day in South Korea (현충일)

Today is Memorial Day in South Korea (just in case you thought it was “National Fun-in-the-Sun Day”). You get the day off from work or school, you sleep in, take a trip, eat out, and watch all the specials or movies on TV. But, the day isn’t all about fun. It is a Memorial Day, after all. So, it’s good to remember what’s happened in the past that has led to life as we know it today.

The following is the Memorial Day song (현충일 노래) and some amazing sets of images from the Korean War time period. Take a look and remember what others lived through so that you’re blessed with a day off today.

현충일 노래

Sheet Music

현충일 노래 음악가


겨레와 나라 위해 목숨을 바치니
그 정성 영원히 조국을 지키네

조국의 산하여 용사를 잠재우소서
충혼은 영원히 겨레 가슴에

임들은 불멸하는 민족혼의 상징
날이 갈수록 아아 그 충성 새로워라

Rough Translation

They gave their lives for country and countrymen
Their hard work will forever protect this country

Let the soldiers sleep in the mountains and rivers of our country
These loyal souls will stay forever in the hearts of the people

You are the immortal, patriotic symbol
As time goes on, your loyalty will always be made new

Amazing Picture Sets!

  1. Vivid and Rare Colour Images of Prewar Seoul (Korea Bang)
  2. The Korean War in 47 Black & White Photos, Netizen Reactions (Korea Bang)
  3. Foreigner’s Photos of Korea in Early 1960s Amaze Netizens (Korea Bang)
  4. Former US Soldier Shares Amazing Photos of 1964 Korea (Korea Bang)
  5. 1958 – 1966 Korea by Leroy Smothers (Flickr)
  6. One Man’s Korean War (John Rich Photos) (Smithsonian)
  7. Photos Document Gangnam’s Change in Style (Korea Bang)
  8. Blog with (2) old pictures explaining 현충일 (In Korean)

What do you know or remember of Korean history and the reason for 현충일?

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