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Vocabulary List for Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic – Week 1

Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic

I’m getting ready to take the 31st TOPIK on July 21, 2013, so I wanted to prepare a list of the vocab I found in Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic that isn’t on any of our other vocabulary lists (Beginner and Low Intermediate).

So, here it is. The first 108 words from Part 1 of the Complete Guide. More are forthcoming:

Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic – Week 1 Vocab

TOPIK Basic week 1 Vocab

Many of these words have to do with the TOPIK question instructions. (If you can’t understand the questions, it’ll be harder to get through them quickly and efficiently.) The next few weeks of vocab for this book will likely contain an alphabetical listing of the remainder of Beginner vocabulary that isn’t covered in one of our other vocab lists.

How are you preparing for the TOPIK? Do you need more vocab or more grammar practice?

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