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Vocabulary List for Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic – Week 5

Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic

Here are the fifth 108 words (#433-540) from Part 1 of the Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic. You can find:

Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Basic – Week 5 Vocab

The words on this list and the other Beginner vocabulary lists (here and here) plus about 20-30 additional words that will be added to the first Week of Intermediate class lists constitute the ENTIRE “Level A” vocabulary from this book (there are also levels B and C for Intermediate and Advanced):

6,000 essential words
6,000 essential words

All told, with the Beginner vocab lists and the Low Intermediate vocab lists, there are about 2,200 words you can (should) know (have studied) by now.

Complete Guide to TOPIK Vocab - Week 4

How is your TOPIK prep going?

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