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Curious About Psy’s Gentleman? Here are Answers to Two Questions I Had

From the moment Psy waltzes into the camera shot in his new Gentleman music video, it becomes quite apparent that he’s absolutely not a gentleman. He laughs loudly and obnoxiously in every circumstance. He’s escorted around by elderly gentlemen. He plays childish pranks on everyone he encounters (but particularly sexy women). And he ruins a children’s soccer game by kicking their ball far away – then laughs and dances his way off. (That’s like stealing candy from a baby – and then laughing about it.)

For a full list of his antics, scroll to the bottom of this post. But for now, let me answer two questions that I initially had when watching the new video:

Who’s the new girl and what’s that new dance he’s doing?

The girl in question is Gain (가인), a member of another Kpop group called Brown Eyed Girls (브라운 아이드 걸스). The dance they are doing is her group’s dance from the Music Video for their 2009 song “Abracadabra” (아브라카다브라). It’s called “시건방춤” and this article refers to it. (I’m not entirely sure what the dance itself is all about – but at least now I know what it is. Perhaps someone can fill me in in the Comments below.)

Watch the original dance below:

What’s up with the TV clip in the middle?

There’s quite obviously some kind of TV clip shoved into the middle of the “Wet Psy” Bridge portion of the video. What’s that all about?

Turns out that TV clip is from a variety entertainment show called 무한도전 디너쇼 (Infinite Challenge, Dinner Show) that was aired on April 30, 2011. During the show, it’s apparent that Psy is hot – and sweating – and keeping his arms close to his sides. The other people on the show decide to try and get him to reveal what he’s “hiding.” So after much prodding, he finally decides to acquiesce to their request.

Their request? To yell the first part of the TV show name “Moo-Han!” (Infinite) while raising his arms in a pose. And they claim that they will chant the second part of the name “Doe-Jeon!” (Challenge) and do the same pose. He steps up to the plate, prepares, and delivers!… And the rest of the guests on stage remain silent… Then burst out in laughter over his “wet” underarm spots.

I can’t help but assume this is partly why the Bridge of Gentleman incorporates that TV clip and the lyrics “Wet Psy” (well, in addition to the obvious sexy references too). Watch the clip from that TV show below:

A Full List of Psy’s “Gentlemanly” Manners

  1. He kicks the “No Parking” sign.
  2. He laughs loudly and dances in all circumstances.
  3. He is escorted around by elderly men.
  4. He rubs the bosom of a mannequin. (0:21)
  5. He “helps” a girl exercise – by speeding up the treadmill so she falls off.
  6. He splashes coffee on girl while she’s drinking (and his buddy No Hong-Chul dances in the background).
  7. He pushes all the buttons in an elevator for a guy who seriously has to poo.
  8. He farts on his hand and lets a girl in the library smell it.
  9. He kicks some children’s soccer ball far away and they cry.
  10. He pulls open a girl’s bikini top as he’s applying sunscreen to her back.
  11. He pulls away a girl’s chair from the table so she’ll fall down.
  12. His friend offers to help her get up, then throws her to the ground again.
  13. He takes off his coat and throws it at sexy exercise girl.
  14. He shows off to her then leaves her with his coat.
  15. She chases after him, then kicks out his chair from under him.
  16. They participate in super sexy “mannerly” eating.

What other cultural references or interesting parts did I miss? Let me know in the Comments.

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  1. One more thing of note: As one of my friends pointed out earlier on Facebook, Psy’s lyrics “I’m a mother father gentleman” are quite similar to and probably an allusion to “I’m a motherf***ing gentleman” – further underlining his non-gentlemanly qualities as outlined in this video and song.

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